.. | Reviewer: Dac | 8/27/11

Its this artists take on things, what they felt and how they get it across, its there for you to look at, if you dont like it dont look at it, and to the mother fucker who said
'I'm just saying, most of the people are whining about dumb fucken shit! It pisses me off so bad! They need to quit being pussies, and shut the fuck up. Deal with it' stop whining.

<3 | Reviewer: Miscellaneous | 4/16/11

This song makes me feel what the band members went through. It reminds me that there are worse things in the world. The lyrics are great, and anyone who can't feel this song doesn't have a soul. This always makes me feel better. I love The Used. All of their music is great, more people need to listen to them.

Amazing | Reviewer: Chris | 2/3/11

Knowing everything that Bert went through in his life makes you appreciate his lyrics so much more. I've always liked the way that he fit words into songs more than most other artists, but once I sat down and actually read his life story I was blown away. I really hope he writes an autobiography or somebody writes a book about him because his story is fucking amazing.

amazing... | Reviewer: Rogue | 4/13/10

I don't know why you guys have to be so childish, this is a place to review music, not battle it out.

ANYWAYS, this song is completely amazing. I absolutely adore The Used. They're songs all hold so much meaning. I think that the songs and the lyrics are there for you to make it your own meaning and put it to your own use. No matter how shitty I'm feeling if I listen to The Used, I always feel a little better at least. I admire the feelings and thoughts the band puts into these songs, if you've ever seen them live, you'll seriously feel so connected with the band. It’s an amazing feeling.

Music | Reviewer: Neisha | 9/27/09

Music is supposed to be a common ground. It's supposed to bring people together. Songwriters want people to feel like they can relate to their music. It doesn't matter if whatever someone feels relates to this song in their life isn't as bad as something the songwriter was talking about. What matters is that it's touching and it helps people feel better. No matter what their problems are.

to the idiot who says people are pussies for talking about their feelings.. | Reviewer: rawrrrr. | 9/4/09

if your depressed, you shouldn't keep it to yourself first of all asshole. it makes things harder that way. its always better to let your feelings out. if you don't, it can fuck you up, it can change a person, it can make a person do terrible things. Is that what you want for our world? More drug addicts and suicide? if thats the case, your fucking low for wanting that then.

Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/09

OK i'm sorry to put my two cents in but I have to. For the one who was talking about people being pussies for sharing how the song affected them and how they felt that they related to it you don't know what a person has been through.. Remember you don't walk in their shoes, they do. Bert went through alot and I applaud him for his efforts but he's not the only one. I had a drug addicted brother who rose from the fucking ashes and this song means alot to him.. and me since I just got out of a very similar situation. So let them feel what they feel and if you don't like don't read it and get the fuck over it.. Bert got over the things that made him mad take a message from your idol! and FYI if people couldn't relate to the music we wouldn't buy it..
And has a side note this song helped my brother through rehab and I'm thankful for the song..

anything | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/09

for fuck sakes. if you don't like people whining about their problems, getting it out to random people on the internet. don't fucking read it. look at the lyrics and you'll be fine. everyone does what they want, and nobody cares that it pisses you off unless it pisses them off. if someone happens to care about what your or anyone else's opinion is, it's because they're too scared to listen to themselves.

Levi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

I'm just saying, most of the people are whining about dumb fucken shit! It pisses me off so bad! They need to quit being pussies, and shut the fuck up. Deal with it! I hate people who want pity from everybody. Nobody wants to hear about your problems. If you are depressed, keep it to yourself.

what you take of it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/09

This song is about problems that bert had. But I think it was as most of The Used music is, written for people that have problems, to take it, listen to The Used. And vent off it, to make you feel better. Their songs are how they are to help people. to transfer their problems and thier old problems in some cases, to other people, which those people can then take the lyrics and interpret them the way they want. To make them feel better. Or to make other people understand. That is why The Used are so great, because they make music people can relate to.