What's wrong with you | Reviewer: The Protector | 6/26/09

hey you the guy saying nobody should relate to this song fuck you! you don't have to go through the exact same thing did you? no! it's impossible to do that! let these people relate to Bert's music he's been thru alot of shit yes, but his music opens the minds of listeners and helps them realize how they feel. Fuck off!

Levi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/09

Okay.. All you guys saying this relates to your life.. It doesn't! Well, not as much as you think it does. Bert McCracken when he was 16, he had no friends, no family, no money, he was on the streets and addicted to crystal meth! When you guys realize how terrible that is, and it has actually happened to you, then this song relates to you. Until then, stop whining to people on the fucken internet that you don't even know, about problems that everybody fucken, and go fix those problems! Look at Bert now! He fixed his fucken problems, and that is why I admire him! Arrogant, ignorant people piss me off..

:( | Reviewer: sam... | 5/19/09

this song represents life in general, i just lost my mother and father in a car accident, my brothers died 3 years ago in a car accident, and my relatives, i dont even no who they are, im supporting myself, and im 17, and im on my own, fuck this :(

on my own | Reviewer: jodii | 4/28/09

this song is so sad.
i understand it but i cant put it into words, and everytime i hear the song i feel like crying.
it feels like im alone alot of the time so i can relate to this song alot and the one person i love seems so far away.

On My Own | Reviewer: frenz | 4/11/09

at first, i cried for this song
cause this song shows all my life
and all the lyrics could make a stab in my heart and brain, killing me without an end
but i love this song
i know that i cant stand without my love ones
with my GF i dont have the strength
so this song

something you probably dont wanna read | Reviewer: Inge | 1/21/09

this song means a lot to me i have a boyfriend and friends and a famili but a fell lonely. If it wasnt for me a woulf talk to my boyfriend, he is busy studiyn for a exam, and it is not his fault he has to study but i fell lonely. My friends, i fell I am losing friends and me and my family are pasing thru a very dificult time, my grandpa is in the hospital and my famili dont have time for me now. THIS SONG SAYS HOW I AM IN THIS MOMENT.....on my own

On My Own | Reviewer: Brandon | 12/15/08

This song makes me sad but at the same time it makes me realize that I'm nothing without my girlfriend who everyday gives me a reason to get up. Sometimes I lose sight of it and just want to give up on everything. If it wasn't for some of the songs by The Used including this one I don't know how I would cope with a lot of the stress in life. Music is my way of venting. I love this song

awesome | Reviewer: venom2kill | 12/8/08

this song is awesome and everythin, and the used is really tight, but the tightest band is still All That Remains. the song This Callng is the best!! This song is really good though. I like when a rock band can kinda tone it down a little bit.

woah | Reviewer: Courtney | 11/26/08

when i first heard this song, it was like "woah" cuz i knew it explained everything that im feeling at the moment. it makes me cry almost everytime i listen to it. its so sad, but its my favorite song.

amanda and michael | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/08

i became friend with this girl everyone told me not to be friends with. i knew how she was, i knew what she would do, but i decided to give her the chance she didn't deserve. and it all bit me in the ass when she and the guy i liked told me they liked each other. i said to go for it because i knew they would either way.. she stayed friends with me long enough to get him to ask her out, then all of a sudden she wont talk to me at all.
"knowing nothing is better than knowing at all." i just wish i didn't know.