Love it | Reviewer: pat carden | 2/14/07

I got to say htis is the best song I think they have written its...lets see how to put this....I like the massage behind it

yes they do | Reviewer: meighen | 2/19/07

The used do write their own music you morons and if you were a true fan you would know that...


Wow.. | Reviewer: Twilight | 1/10/07

This song is actually very good.. I was heavily surprised when I heard it and had asked my Sis "who the hell sings this?" :)

they DO write their own songs | Reviewer: Tesla | 7/16/06

i love the used and i think this is a great song, but i know that they do write their own lyrics. look at the back page of the "In Love and Death" lyric booklet, or the top of the page of the "The Used" lyrics booklet with all the thanks. it clearly says in both places "all songs written by the used." just wanted to clear that up.

<3love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/06

I love this song, Im a huge fan of their music.. wow that is sad that they dont write thier own music..

Im sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/05

I love the used but i just found out they dont write ther own music :(