My opinion | Reviewer: Mais Shareef | 8/24/12

I think music has it's own meaning for everyone. For me it my so called best friend. The first four lines is about how I'm stating to feel that I don't need her that she's just an ass, but I shut the thought out with "whatever that means"
"My neck feels stiff untill I wake up the orange I choke" Me getting hurt In anyway and wanting to tell her but afraid shell just brush me off, which she does do. The course means that I need her I want her to open up. then I realize she's not going to and I can't help her change for the better and she's wasting my time. Then the rest is basically me always being there for her, being kind and helping and her just ignoring it and pushing me down.

good song | Reviewer: Sandman | 10/20/09

I cant even begin to talk about how much the used has helped me through heart ache and problems with love, for a bit this song was the story of my life
"look in my eyes
I'm jaded now whatever that means
by sharing these things,
I rip my heart out.
it's worth my time,
whatever that means..."
in the first couple of lines he is trying to convey to his love that all of the games she has been playing with him has jaded him, so much so that he immediately denies his feelings and words in the same thought with "whatever that means" as a way to save face in front of her, in the next few lines he explains that by confronting her he is ripping out his heart, he is hurting his own pride in order to try to convey that she means the world to him, hence the "its worth my time.." but then again withdrawals with another "whatever that means", he is in limbo with emotions and feelings, the conflict of his love for this girl and his fear of rejection, this fear is evident later in the song with the line "Share with me
Cause I need it right now
Let me see your insides
Or write me off
Cause I'd rather STOP now
If you won't open up."
asking her to share her true feelings or 'insides' or to reject him so he can stop these feelings before he gets too invested and then is turned down, which would result in even more painful heartache.

Favourite | Reviewer: Raimee. | 2/7/09

This song is amazing.
Like ..... absoulutly amazing.
Its my favourite song of all time.
I was on and off with this boy for a month and never gave me a straigh answer on where we stood together .

So the lyrics
"Share with me
Cause I need it right now
Let me see your insides
Or write me off
Cause I'd rather STARVE now
If you won't open up

Reallly related to me then.
Good news is Me and this boy are now dateing haha and im deeply inlove with him : ) .
And mega Plus he likes the used and gave me 8 masssive posters of them haha.

Well keep on listening kiddos.


question | Reviewer: NightShade | 2/3/09

i'd like to start off with how much i love this song, i know what its about, in fact i just got a tattoo with a line from this song but i was wondering, when he says 'im jaded now, whatever that means' why does he say 'whatever that means' i know it cant simply be because he has no idea what the word jaded means so if any one has some insight into this, that would be great.

Calcium | Reviewer: Tony | 3/29/08

drugs especially cocain and heroin take alot of calcium out of your body causing aches and pains in your joints. orange juice is good for putting it back in and milk and calcium tabs too. but calcium tabs and milk sounds stupid so theres my guess.

WHAT THIS SONG MEANS | Reviewer: X | 12/29/07

Well to answer ''RIP Dimebags'' question, the whole song's about this girl who's being secretive with how she feels and not opening up to him, while he spills his entire heart out to her. He says he wants her to open herself up completely to him and spill her heart out like he is, but he would rather just end the relationship if she won't share her true deep feelings with him.

BUT- one verse I can't grasp is ''the orange I choked'', can anyone explain it to me? E-mail me: XANDRIAX13@AIM.COM

Question. | Reviewer: R.I.P Dimebag | 11/25/07

I don't understand what this song is about. I never really have understood and I'm just looking for an answer because the used is an amazingly great band. Seriously like one of the best to ever emerge from UTAH.

excuse! | Reviewer: ilovethis | 11/17/07

ummm wtf is up with the dumbass who thinks the used doesnt write their own lyrics...i agree with whoever it was that says you're not a true fan if you think otherwise...good point..this person should probably learn to read, and stop pretending like they are "into" the used if they can't understand simple facts!!

Wtf? | Reviewer: Satan | 11/15/07

Who the hell thinks The Used don't write their own music?
Your an idiot!
On every CD it says "all songs written by The Used" except 'Under Pressure' origanilly made from Queen and David Bowie.
You are a complete moron if you don't know that!
and this song is great!


my favoritttttttttteeeeeeee | Reviewer: i heart the used | 9/13/07

this song is . . is . . freaking amazing! and they dooooooo write they're own music. your kinda an idiot and not a true fan if you think otherwise.

AMAZING | Reviewer: The Usedxxxx | 6/18/07

of course the used write there on music
are you stupid??

They write their music | Reviewer: The Used Rocks | 5/7/07

you are just a morons The Used write their music but there's always people trying to do something to defame a good group cause they don't have nothing to do so they just try to get some atention.

write their music | Reviewer: Austin | 4/25/07

if any of u actually were fans of The Used you'd know they write ALL their music

they do to write their own music! | Reviewer: gkjshlfkgj | 4/21/07

one of their songs, "hard to say" is about bert's on and off girlfriend kate who died recently.
he wrote that song.
he himself.
this is a great song.
i love this song and i love the used.


the best one | Reviewer: Shir | 3/30/07

this is the best song they have...
i can hear it everytime!!

when i'm happy and when i'm sad