ONE OF THE BEST | Reviewer: Slipknotandtheusedrule666 | 6/30/07

That song rules, I mean all of their stuff rules from In Love and Death and Lies for the Liars, I need to buy berth, Maybe memories is a freaking brilliant song one of their best, WOOO!!!!

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

This is an amazing first song for anyone! The Used fucking rocks!

AWESOME. | Reviewer: amber soto. | 5/30/07

they've always been my favorite band. this song is rad,love it.

Daaaaang | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

The Used is the shizit. This song is bomb and it's bomb live on their new cd. I usually hate live, but woo, they are amazing. And Quinn is my man. We met back in the day and he wouldn't let me go.

woooaahh :) | Reviewer: Ellen | 5/22/07

godddd... absolutley amazing song!

the used is actually starting to be my favourite band

fucking love all their songs

<3 | Reviewer: mee | 5/15/07

I looove this song. The used is one of the best band ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE SHIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ | Reviewer: zAc | 4/23/07

that song is mad! i lowv te Used OMG i would kiss the dirtiest part of the ground to be within 5 meters of them ooooxoxx XD chur!

uhh, yeah | Reviewer: Chelsea Riggs | 11/2/05

omg, i fucking LOVE the used so much. this song is so amazing... I love it! <3
XO- Chelsea