Goodness Gracious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

Sorry for being annonymous but there are some pretty fucking retarded and ignorant comments here. Which fool said a song had to be written in the order of the album appearance? If I screamed would I be copying The Used?

Similar.. | Reviewer: UsedFan! | 1/2/10

Uh, Anonymous correction person, dont call the other person fucking retarded. I wouldnt say the used cheated, and i wouldnt say the songs are the same, but they have alot of similar aspects. The Used even play New Noise half way through maybe memories live sometimes, because they flow so well. Want proof? Watch the Berth DVD. So don't call someone fucking retarded for stating an actual fact. The used is and has been my favourite band for many years now, so dont think I'm a biased asshole just trying to trash the used. Love em to death. Sometimes songs can sound the same as others. Get over it.

correction: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/09

amy are you fucking retarded? i listened to that song and the only thing they have in common is that both scream. if you, for one second, would actually listen to the song from a musical standpoint you might hear that you're making this up. sure new noise has a drum roll drive as a verse, but that song barely has anything to call a song structure. it's more like 3 chords and a 2 note lead.
THIS song, the Used's song , my friend, is indeed original content.

The Used Cheated | Reviewer: amy | 11/10/09

As much love as i have for the band, i need to call them out for something. They stole this song from REFUSED - NEW NOISE.

Listen to the two songs. They are the same.

Refused was made before The used had this song out..

makes me sad.

It is thier first song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/09

Yes, you are right. It is their first song. Actually, the lyrics were written by Bert at his audition for the band, they wrote the music, and he showed up, wrote lyrics, screamed his balls out, and Maybe Memories was born. (prolly my fave used song too!)

FREAKIN IDIOT!!! | Reviewer: theused | 1/15/09

BERT said at BERTH when they performed it live, "We are the f*ckin used, and this is the first song we ever wrote" FIRST! F-I-R-S-T! maybe if u knew the band well u would no that liocarno. f*ckin love The Used.

It is the first, man! FIRST! F-I-R-S-T! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/08

hey you there wtf did you say dude? Read Scarlett's review CLEARLY, Liocarno. IT IS the used's first song and IT IS in their first album, not their second album, man! How could you say it's in their second album and not their first song? You're very very wrong to say we are wrong. I can't stand your review. If you still don't believe it, you can check it yourself. Anyway the used is awesome (Y) God bless Bert, Quinn, Jepha &Dan yeah yeah hooray! (hell yeah i'm freak hahahaha

dah! | Reviewer: scarlett | 3/28/08

BERT SAID this is the first song thei've ever wrote (if you knew the band as well as you say maybe you should listen to sobe live album and notice that bert sayd "we are the fuckin used and this is the first song we've ever wrote" and after that you can listen to the track maybe memorie), and it is in their FIRST album (the used). freaky...

fools of The used | Reviewer: Liocarno | 1/31/08

Which fool said this was the first song they ever wrote? hmmmmm? well your wrong! this was their second album anyway! (just to make it clear) but it is an ace song

Fucking amazing | Reviewer: Amber | 8/14/07

My favorite band ever,and the first song they ever wrote.I love the song...its so awesome