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Performed by The Used

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a coincidence? | Reviewer: Nick | 6/21/13

In my city that I grew up in we had 3 high schools. I went to one some of the Used went to one & I had a friend who had a younger brother and sister and their Dad passed away and the Mother skipped town. The Dad had older sons from a previous marriage but none would be able to take all 3. One moved in W/ my family after struggles W/ his Step Brother the girl went 2 another State and the other boy who went to the third high school in mu town ended up committing suicide. It was a sad story such an amazing kid. He was breaking up W/ his best friend girl friend that was on & off. He had an assignment for his English class 2 write a short story which he wrote & then had her proof read it. She felt odd cause of its content. After he walked her home in the story he talked about saying goodbye to a girl and asking for a kiss goodbye which he really meant and then in the story after he goes and commits suicide. It was raining that night, the girl fiqured it out & told him she wouldn't kiss him good bye & didn't know what to do. The next day he was found in the car dead from carbon dioxide. I find so many similarities in the story. Especially when he talks of who in the song takes his last breath. Only a few know these details of the story. I have wondered if Bert who went to a school in the same city was able to find out about this & write a very well written song. I have wanted to show it to the kid who took his life. R.I.P. Brother who essentially became my Brother & if maybe his Brother who passed away Girl-Friend might have shared this W/ Burt or a band member. I know the girl but haven't seen her in awhile & has always held a place 4 this troubled soul but that had to hurt & she wasn't the type to be telling this story. So whatever inspired this song, if it be that story or a combinatination of thoughts & stories, I hope the interpretation gets through not to take your LIFE, & the aftermath that follows. That year there were many suicides from that school yet a lot less or none from the other 2, maybe that's where stand in line comes. Can be a Domino effect. Make sure we talk W/ those around us & Be willing 2 ask 4 help if needed & be there. I intentionally left out names & I have no factual evidence this is a basis for the song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/13

The used shapes and changes so many lives. They're music calls out to the soul and fills it with hope. I love they're music, they're lyrics, amazing how much emotion is behind they're beautiful music. This is my love song. Xx Ash

awesome | Reviewer: liza | 3/13/12

I've listened to the used since they first came out and the never cease to amaze me with their beautiful but yet ear gripping music cause their songs is just like the story of my life :) i absolutely love this song cause i had a friend to commit suicide and we pleaded for him to stay and this makes me feel better and i know he was supposed to go but i guess it was his time for real i love the used and they have some great songs that i could never grow tired of and Burt has the most beautiful voice to me :)

Meaning.. | Reviewer: Kathy | 11/4/11

I think this song is about two lovers, both of which are suicidal but find release in each other.

In the first verse the lyrics are about the feeling of being less alone, and the release to his suicidal feelings that he gets from this woman. It could also possibly be about a plan for a joint suicide, or his feelings about how life would end if this woman's does.

In the second verse he talks about being alone, as though she has possibly committed suicide already. His feelings of aloness are back, and he deicdes to attempt suicide as well.

The rest of the song leads me to believe that the first two verses where of a hypothetical situation, possibly of a fear that he has. The last verses are quite obviously him begging this woman not to leave and promising to stay in return.

It's a very Romeo and Juliet type story.

Beautiful song, but extremely tragic.

Ahhhh! | Reviewer: Mandy | 1/25/10

I absolutly love this song. My friend just introduced me to a whole bunch of bands and the used was one of them. This song puts me to sleep every nigt. I only have two words to describe how I feel about this song. FUCK YES!!!!!!

Amazing. | Reviewer: Francesca | 10/19/09

This song is fucking beautiful.
I can safely say that The Used are one of the greatest artists ever. They never let me down when they come out with new material and the old songs don't even seem old; I can listen to anything they do over and over and over.
So much love.

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