love | Reviewer: esha rees | 3/18/10

i love this song my bf dedicated it to me why because he knows the used personally. i love you baby u mean the world to me until i met u i didnt know wut love was but then u came in and stole my heart your mine truly and always will be <3 i love you baby hold me close to you <3

my love that is still going | Reviewer: gabi<3snelson | 7/16/09

my boyfriend told me about this song like todays ago when i heard this song i thought of how it actually shows what young teen love is truly about
i just really have had my heartbroken many times before and he has assured me itt wont happen again..
so if your reading this baby iloveyouXD
and always will youre my baby my every thin, yes even my lovely loser haha.

first love | Reviewer: adam | 3/27/09

k well i go to high school in a city called Dunedin in New Zealand. i have this friend and his gf's best friend and i meet up and fall in love, this is our song. i have to move to a new city ages away and have to break up with this girl, its my mum and step dad who are moving while my dad stays here. i decided to move ages ago before i met this girl but since then changed my mind but my mum and step dad are holding me to my word so i have to move. whenever i hear this song it depresses me i dont think that i will ever get over this girl. i loved her, i still love her and i will forever love her. theres something magical about this song the lyrics are great and the tune kicks ass and i will forever have great memories of this song and of her. I love you sarah and im sorry

mmm. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/08

Every single time I listen to this song I always think of you. A little piece of me wishes that you will look at these lyrics to, just to remember, and see this that I am writing. But I guess the sad reality of it if that two hearts can always drift apart. But to be honest, if you told me you wanted to hold me again, I wouldn't object. Not even a little.

This song is very nice... | Reviewer: Ninoy-kun | 10/14/08

I love this's really nice. Well I fist saw it on a music video for an anime called Chobits...

I love that series.

the onli thing that makes sense | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/08

well i gues this song is the onli thing that makes sense about love , because love doesnt make sense itself does it? everytime i hear this song i just wana b with mi boyfreind and stay there for longer and never let go , in so many ways he's saved me , physically, if i never knew him i'd probably be dead , so if your reading this , i love you.x this is such an amzing song , i love The Used.x

amazin song | Reviewer: sarah longden | 3/21/08

this song is awsome!! its mine and my boyfriends made him realise how much he loves me when we broke up and reminds him of me and vice versa. such powerful words that i cant help singin in the shower to :) totallly frigin awesome x

although...... | Reviewer: Amelia | 2/7/08

although i dont like the used because they have said some pretty shitty stuff bout a good band who is supposed to be their good friends.... this song is amazing and i can not stop listening to it!

My cuts are healing | Reviewer: ♥ | 12/12/07

hello readers,

i am the crack in every broken heart, the sorrow in every lost love, the lonely bird that cries for help... i am Andra..

this song was what some would call "the chosen one" for me n my lover (Challo)... the words express my exact feeling in a way the that did indeed once rejoiced my heart...

Challo an i met thru a friend, it was so crazy i thought i cod neva fall inlove again my heart was broken, but the sound of her voice made me 'seem to loose my breath'.. we became real close then one day we wer walkn thru a tunnel trying to escape the rain, and she lent ova and KISS me, my heart seem to mend every little break and tear and before i new it i was 'waiting to cave in' I had the love that was described in the notebook;

unfortunately things change and ppl do 2... i no if she would give our hearts another chance we could be more then ignorance.. my cuts are healing, so KISS me like u did


omg | Reviewer: layla | 12/8/07

this song is just makes you feel happy everytime you hear it...but then again it makes me fell sad too in a weird know..happy and sad...but great...i love the lyrics and it fits perfectly with his voice and....its just amazing!!