AWW | Reviewer: Keighlen | 11/24/07

gah i love this song. The Used are so amazing. They make everything sound soo sweet and perfect. I love them. I always tell my boyfriend that this song reminds me of him. I love it. =]]

I Love This Song!!! | Reviewer: Erika | 11/10/07

My ex boyfriend and i chose this song as ours when we were still together and he said that everytime he listened to it, it would make him think of me and it was the same for me!!!!!
Now when i listen to it i just think of all the great moments we had.
I miss him so much!!!!
I Love You -xoxo-

Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/07

This song is like the first love song that makes u remember and relive the best moments and memories, absolutly life changing music, i cant think of anything better than bein with the one you love listenin to this song, makes u reilize how lucky you are... such a fantasic band, used forever ...

fuck yes. | Reviewer: Maddi | 9/24/07

omfg this fukin song is my fukin life its like my boyfriend i own this song betches its the fukin beast i love it so fukin much i cant fukin explain this shit fuk oh i cant describe in my fukin awsome words how much i fukin love it its my first song i did it to and the last and yes it was hardcore cause of this fukin song it expressed our love with me and my boyfriend and for one fukin last time i love this fukin song

Love It! | Reviewer: crazy | 8/6/07

Love this song. I play this song like everyday. My sisters and my mom and her boyfriend all get annoyed, because i keep on playing it over and over again everyday. I dont care i love this song. I started to like the used when i heard this song and after that, i love the band.

effing awesome | Reviewer: emo kid ♥'s a.X.l | 8/6/07

i fckin love this song!!!!!!!
the used rocks!!! there songs are amazing this song is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!! me and my ex boyfriend love this song!!! it's pretty much ours..... me and him are getting back together when school starts soo yeah this song is like our relationship!!!! i love the used!!!
emo kid ♥'s a.X.l (her boy)

Such a gr8 song!!! | Reviewer: Sal | 7/30/07

this song is fkn awsom! me and m boy-f chose this song as our's everytime i hear it i just wanna scream the words it's a really powerfull song! espesially after we'c benn throu a lot after i had a miscarrage the song means more to us than any other song we know!!! i love u guys u r inspirational. FULLI SIK :P

WOW | Reviewer: Dan | 7/23/07

this song is so amazing it makes me think of all the times i have led in bed with my gf staring into her eyes like nothing else matters.... the used are amazing

Like my first time... | Reviewer: Stephanie Marie | 6/5/07

OMG... I absolutly love this song... my boyfriend sang this to me and now everytime I hear this song it gives me a happy feeling... He and I are acctually taking a break right now but I still love him and I always will... I love the Used as well!!!

Definatly amazing | Reviewer: Meg | 5/7/07

This song is absolutly AMAZING. My crush has amazing eyes and this song reminds me so much of him. The used definatly is my favorite band ever