JeeZ | Reviewer: angeline | 4/22/07

Great song ... only thing i dont like about is the 'We could take our pants off, stay in bed
Just make love, that's all' part.

about the song i cought fire (in your eyes) played by The use | Reviewer: zycho | 3/6/07

The used played this song so cool The used is one of my favorite band and their composition is awsome...its real

Deep Emotions | Reviewer: Stef | 2/26/07

Im pretty sure this is the greatest song in the world. Me and my bf of 6 months chose this as our song. The lyrics are so true. The Used write amazing songs, and hopefully there next album is just as great.

omg wicked | Reviewer: i luv it | 4/23/06

hey that song was soo kool ya cant help but scream the words its a powerfull song

SHIT HOT | Reviewer: Jo | 2/8/06

The Used are an amazing band, i love them. This is one of my favourite songs. It reminds me of my boyfriend, we would just lie together and listen to The Used. THERE AMAZING

And also easy to cover, my band has done 3covers of the used and sounded great

i think... | Reviewer: Brittani | 10/15/05

the song i caught fire most of the time is depressing because it reminds me of someone that i love that used to love me...

I caught fire | Reviewer: Danielle | 9/30/05

I caught Fire is an AWESOME song that makes me think of my boyfriend every time.The Used is Awesome!!!!!!!!

Good Song | Reviewer: Amber | 9/7/05

I love this song! Everytime it comes on i turn it up and can't help but to sing along with it!!! The Used Rocks!!!