Reviews for I Caught Fire Lyrics

Performed by The Used

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Love It | Reviewer: Brianna | 6/20/07

I Caught Fire is one of my favorites right now. It's a great love song, one that's not slow but still has just as much meaning. Anyone can relate, it's a perfect song for a couple. I play it over and over again. =]

phreak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

i love this song they lyrivs are awsome
but i just like the im melting bit ^^
like *iiim meeeelting* hehe

Amazing... | Reviewer: EvE | 6/14/07

This song is one of the most amazing, emotion-driven songs I've heard. Bert's voice in this is so fitting. And it's so romantic and beautiful.

amazing | Reviewer: fragile | 6/14/07

I have fallen in love with this song so hard...i'm in love with her eyes, so this song is so real and meaningful to me. I get lost in her eyes, so beautiful.

.. | Reviewer: Tink. | 6/11/07

so the used is pretty much amazing. The first time I heard this song, was when I was at my boyfriends house, and he knew I loved the Used so he bought the cd, listened to it, and picked this song out of all of them. He told me that it was how he felt.
The lyrics to this song are amazing, and the used is truely an amazing band. This song owns. It makes me cry, every time.


.......about the song i caught fire performed by the used | Reviewer: Brennan | 6/8/07

omg i love this song the lyrics really touch me but my girlfriend always makes fun of me or calls me princess wen i play this but if she wasnt so hypricritical and actually listens 2 the lyrics its a really romantic yet kickass song.

AMAZING. | Reviewer: Megan--- | 6/5/07

I love this song, all my friends love it. the first time i listened to The Used I immediately fell in love with them, and I just recommend it to everyoneeeee.

the song that makes you go crazy | Reviewer: 13earvin_miztah_jigsaw13 | 6/4/07

i'm an all time fan of the used, I listen to some of their songs like "buried myself alive" and "blue and yellow", but this song I heard lately,it MELTED me off totally! I can relate to the song.. thats all... hehe.. g2g..

I'm Melting... | Reviewer: Leslixx | 6/3/07

I love this song. It reminds me of a lot of things happening. The Used is the shit.

lol | Reviewer: nun ya biznes | 5/28/07

omg i love this song lol, my boyfriend sent me this song after we had a bit of a fight, its a good meaningful song.

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