Reviews for I Caught Fire Lyrics

Performed by The Used

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Always out song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/11

I was 15 when I first heard this, my boyfriend sang it too me and from that moment on it was our song. We broke up, but whenever I listened to it no matter where I was or when I would think of him and the time we spent together. We stayed friends but it was always hard to be around him coz I still liked him.
All we needed was time, time to grow up and to find ourselves. We recently got back together and he sent me some of the lyrics in a text, I was in awe and shock that he remembered it.
I think it's safe to say I completely adore my lad and that this song will always be ours.

On another note, this song is amazing and brilliantly written and played. :)

Looking back | Reviewer: Nova Talent | 5/13/11

Looking back and hearing this song is as painful as it is beautiful. I remember Listening to this on repeat during the summer while looking up at the sky while I layed on my parent's garage roof wishing things could have been different. Hearing this song always mellows me out. I love it.

I freaking love this song~!! | Reviewer: Nina | 4/27/11

I listen to this song last month after I saw my crush with his gf. And what angry me the most is his gf is a liar. She has a lot of bf and my crush didn't know about it. After listen to this song, it remind me of him. Then I realize that I should tell him about my feelings for him. And this song gave me a strength to do it. :)

my ex. | Reviewer: Autumn Nicole | 1/23/11

So, I dated a guy for almost two years, and while we were together this was our song. He made me sing it to him all the time. after we broke up, he called me and when i didnt answer he played this song in my voice mail. it was kinda cute. (: No, we didnt get back together. I am dating someone else for about 9 months now, but this song brings back some good memories.

lost | Reviewer: question mark | 11/30/10

when i felt confused and torn about 2 guys this song helped my decided one day i played it and only one person went to my mind and im glad i chose him we've been together for a week short of a year!!

mhm :D | Reviewer: baileyy | 11/19/09

this is a truely awesome song. the used is really a terrific band. i like all there stuff but the slow touching songs are probally my fav. This song and 'Smother Me' are fabulous. Check it out if you havnt heard it :]

Best song Live. | Reviewer: Melissa | 11/14/09

I saw The Used live last night, they were so amazing.
When they played this song, it was the best, especially since i was there with my boyfriend. It was such a special moment, and will always remember "I Caught Fire" :)

most loved and appreciated song ever in my life | Reviewer: shobe07 | 9/27/09

i love this song very much..
it even makes me feel so prouyd of my lovelife especially remenbering my past.. i really love the used.. nice EMO song and my favorite since highschool!!!
i miss my faye somuch..

My Fav | Reviewer: chris | 9/8/09

This has always been one of me and my gf's favorite songs of all time. it always brings back all the greatest feeling we had during our relationship, and we plan on using this song as our first dance in our wedding next year..

ITS PRETTY EMO.. | Reviewer: bella swan | 8/30/09

this song is like an adrenaline to me.
while listenin to the song,it makes me wanna scream and sing my soul out!



i like it raw!

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