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Performed by The Used

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shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/09

this song is what you say it is. stop trying to tell people what it is or isn't because it doesn't matter. if you cut that is your business and whoever you choose to share it with's business. if you feel fake it's only your business and those you ask for help's. i'm reading these lyrics because i'm bored and it's cold in here and i like this song, don't cast aspersions. anything else is unimportant and irrelevant.

Hmm... | Reviewer: Ellie | 5/14/09

Instead of trying to judge the song, or give your opinion on cutting, why not just go to the root of it and ask Bert himself what he meant? It proves who's right or wrong and you actually get the song after it. Just because the song says: "I'm cutting trying to picture your black, broken heart.
Love is not like anything,
Especially a fucking knife!" Doesn't exactly mean cutting. Metaphores are amazing, aren't they? Now, think about it, stop whining, stop insulting, stop the catastrophic ignorance forming in this comment section and just solve the problem. Ask Bert. =D Tada!

alksakds | Reviewer: Miranda | 5/10/09

Some people who cut are only trying to numb emotional pain. Like, if your parents died or something and they felt pain they would cut themselves so they would only feel physical pain and it would numb the emotional part. Then one day when there strong enough they will be able to deal with the emotional pain.

what i think about cutting | Reviewer: ellen | 4/15/09

i don't think that cutting means that you're giving up on life. people cut for heaps of different reasons....mostly i think to know that they are alive because they don't feel like they're living.can also be because they want to escape reality for a bit and yeh it can sometimes be for attention but i think the most important thing about cutting is that after you've done it you realize that you will heal.

fuck fake | Reviewer: bring back branden | 4/8/09

I personally think this song is bert rebelling against how fake the music industry tries,
And generally makes, people feel
He says I'm the cleanest I have ever been... Not I AM clean..if you get that.
He also says I FEEL big and I FEEL tall.
It doesn't mean that he is big, clean, or tall, but that he thinks he is, but we can't all be sure unlees we are bert... And nobodys bert but unless this dude before me actually is him... Which I seriously doubt...seriously... We won't know until bert explains it to us stop getting mad at each others opinions... Because they're just that... Opinions.
And dan whitsides sucks the cold balls
Bring back branden

Namsayin? | Reviewer: RoBert. | 4/1/09

You're all wrong. It is not about people who cut their self. I directed it to a girl I fell in love with that cut herself bad after we splitted. She thought maybe one day I'd be something then everything turned sour with her and her personality problems, but then again, I had problems. She killed herself by cutting deeply through and down her veins. Not across, like cutters do. I was trying to portray, at first, her perspective... But ended up, needlessly, portraying what I felt. But... I'm something now, right? But... Where is she? Love is not like anything... She cut herself for what reason? To get my attention? To make herself better? To do what!? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Can you not stop insulting people you don't know? Do you have to prove you're point? I'm not ganna finish what I was saying. You don't have to know what it means. It means more to me then it does you. And... For all you who want to insult me, or try saying this song is wrongful.. You're very open minded. Did you catch the sarcasm in that? If you didn't, then I can see why you interpreted the song wrong.

later hater | Reviewer: >-< | 3/14/09

if you dont like the fucking song go to the bathroom and lose your virginity to yourself you assholes.if you are going to listen to the song and be baggin on it then dont listen to it .go listen to barney instead.i for one love this song and i can relate quite clearly to it i used to cut myself so wat im human so wat?! i love the used because people can relate easily to the songs' theme . the used rocks!!!!!!!!!!

the songg.. | Reviewer: nikii h. | 3/4/09

the song is amazing. its music.
its suppose to entertain you not convince you to do something like cut. and singers will sing about things to let there feelings go sometimes.
cutters do the same with cutting.
but i highly doubt that the song is telling you to cut.
so get a life if you think so.
if you want to cut... fine. but i think that bert is saying that he is putting himself out there as another person and feels fake. so he cuts and then hates himself for doing it.

"Love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife!" | Reviewer: A Guy | 2/19/09

I think this song is about how you shouldn't cut. I mean, Bert has been through fucked up shit, and this song is about how he's faking happy, and still trying to be true to himself. And about how he can't really understand the meaning behind cutting. Its like he starts to, and then just throws the thoughts away, and gets pissed off because he can't see it.

Maybe its about posers, who don't eat, and play sad, and cut themselves because they think its cool. I was a cutter for a little while, and it never helped. It just fucking hurt.

wtf | Reviewer: emily | 2/13/09

hahaha its sooo funny how everyone says emo.
gahh emo is just another genre of music soooo stop calling people emo cuz people are people not types of music
and im madly in love with this song and the used. ^_^

haha | Reviewer: amused chick | 2/9/09

wow, this is rather funny listen to you people bitch about your pathetic life or listening to the assholes who bashed them, seriously grow up, stop judging people, whether your one of the fucked up people going through something and acting stupid, or just being a judgmental prick, you all have issues, go see a therapist =]
i just wanted the lyrics because i like the song, was that too much for someone to say? gotta put your life on blast, fucking geezis

SRSLY YOU GUYS ARE FUCKED | Reviewer: GOD | 2/6/09

I seen some shit in mylife and seriously you fucking pricks who think you got it so bad in this life just kill yourself and get over it this song is stupid the only good thing about it is it brings ya'll one cut closer to dying!!!

Dun B Hate-n | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/09

Well, first off, I used to cut myself so I can relate to this song. Second off, i hadn't heard this song until this girl I met (who burns herself) said it was her fav song, So i thought id listen to it n see what the hub-ub was aboot. Must say, I like it. I think this song is pretty sweet. Actually, its effing awesome. The whole "cutting" part isn't even a big part of it, its about how you have to disguise your true self to impress other people.

Also, nice insight "Jakob"

pfft. please. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

i think people who cut are stupid (no offence) but people who were close to me have cut and i know how horrible it made me feel
i felt so powerless to help them and hoped it would get better with the help they were getting
but it never did, i mean she's stopped cutting to try and kill herself but she still does it and she has changed tremendously
that pretty much has nothing to do with anything inc. this song
but if you do cut think about what affect it has on the people you love and who love you
and if you're emo and think no one loves you then get over yourself


WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/09

There seems to be some diveresty on the topic of cutting yourself. The one who said "My mom beats me" Just some advice, if I were you I would be telling a cop or a counsler... Not writing comments about it on the internet. I used to cut and sometimes I still do. Yeah I will admit it. I relate to this particular cutting situation because when I do cut, it's because I have hurt someone else and I feel really terrible, on the inside. You see, cutting to me is just taking all the pain on the inside that you can't soothe and putting it on the outside. It's like moving the pain from one place to another (for me at least). Instead of having it on the inside and not being able to help it at all, I cut myself and feel the pain physically and then it heals and nothing really hurts anymore.

-call me crazy. Peace.

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