Question | Reviewer: Allison | 12/27/10

Between the first and second verse, there's a small voice in the background. I think it said something like, "Sweetybear, you mean so much to me, and I love you very dearly." But I'm not sure if that's correct. Does anyone know exactly what it says?

Mind Reader | Reviewer: Hopeless Romantic | 12/22/07

Oh Bert McCracken! I feel it and you sing it! This song is by far the sweetest song I have ever heard. I fall in love with it more and more every time I hear it.

hey cookie cutter | Reviewer: jAy | 11/20/07

thats what it sounded like at first the voice but after a few more times listening to it i think it says "sweetie r u there, ure so prescious 2 me, u know i'll always be right there."

Beautiful song! | Reviewer: Cookie Cutter | 10/11/07

This is one of my favorite songs off the new album, which is saying somthing as they're all so good. I love the random background sounds, and bert's vocals are amaaaazing. I love the lines like "Your lungs full of breathing" and "You hands full of feeling."
There's this really quiet childish voice in the background between the first and second verse. Does anyone know what it says? It sounds like " Sweetie, are you there? Your suppoused to scream, now everybody cares..." but i'm not really sure.

almost too stunned for words | Reviewer: Jessicaa | 9/6/07

this is the single most beautiful song I have probably ever heard. I thought that all the songs on Lies for the Liars would be like Liar Liar and the Bird and the Worm when I got it, but I was totally surprised. I love the song, I love the album, I love the band, even though I've just started listening to them. It's amazing. ^^

requiem for a dream | Reviewer: me | 7/21/07

the beginning sounds in this song..and in the background..sound like the sounds from requiem for a dream (movie) when they are selling..

OMG =D | Reviewer: Daniel | 7/18/07

Certainly this is the most most beautiful of the beautifulest songs ever !!! I like the beginning, it sounds like he's taking some amphetamines =P The Used is the best band. Bert is so damn powerful <3

i love you always.... | Reviewer: Jovan | 7/9/07

oh my god
this song is amazing. bert has the most beautiful voice ever. i like the sound of the mallets in the background when he says "i love you to death"
i cry to this song. definately one of my favorites.

: ) : ) : ) | Reviewer: don't worry about it. | 6/25/07

I love The Used.!
They are basically the best band ever.
I love this song and Smother Me and Paralyzed and basically their whole new C.D., Liars For The Liars.

wow. | Reviewer: Cheyanne | 6/19/07

This song is amazing. It shows how great of a voice Bert has. I think this is my favorite song off of LFTL, next to Smother me & Wake The Dead.