. | Reviewer: Kenzee | 12/19/11

This song is SOOO amazing! And every song by The Used is. Their music has got me through a lot(weird to say). My ex boyfriend and I made The Used our band. LOL! But he lived 5 hours away from me, so I hardly got to see him. We were great together though. But one day it all had changed, he became distant(figuratively), started talking to this girl a lot, then the day before our anniversary, he told me 'I can't do this anymore, it's over.' He said it was the distance, but the chick he had been talking too, lived even further away, well a week later, guess what, he was with her then. But I do forgive him for everything that he has done, it has been three years since that has happened. We are good friend's now, and still sometimes text each other some lyrics by The Used. But anyways, I am very greatful that I had came across The Used a while back, because again their music is amazing.

, | Reviewer: Helen | 6/11/10

I have this huge crush and even more than crush on this boy I know for six years now. We used to be like brother and sister we did so many stupid shit together and it hurts now to remember. We have had feelings for each other since the first day we met and I was 10 back then. We've been on and off with these little summer affairs but every time we're about to get really together something goes wrong.
This year I thought that we would really turn out together, we spent this amazing night up sitting in his tent smoking hookah, talking about everything possible (even The Used) and making out. He promised that he won't ever let me go but now he's fucking ignoring me and I don't know why. I'm scared that I did something wrong again or while being high spit out something I shouldn't say.
Anyway this song associates so much about him to me. I love The Used, they are the most amazing band EVER and I'm proud to say that they are my favorite ones too.
Bert McCracken is just a genius. <3

earthquake | Reviewer: nonsense | 5/12/09

my boyfriend and i had a bit of a fall out a few days ago. we have been together, mostly on-and-off, for about three years but had been doing really well lately. we had finally figured eachother out and worked out all the kinks in our relationship. then, just when everything started going smoothly, we get in a fight. not physically, but verbally. i told him to not bother talking to me anymore. we havent talked much, but he did put this song on his profile. im not sure im ready to give him another chance. ive given him SO MANY chances to be the guy he needs to be, and to be there for me. he keeps screwing up. this song means so much to me, but im not ready to keep going on like this.

/: | Reviewer: Jenny | 4/3/09

This song is really great, but it reminds me so much of my ex best friend.
Why is that im not ok without her, shes gone now.
Shes become a whole new person i cant stand, i miss the old best friend i had for 3 years.
I cant even look at her when she walks by, she hurt me so badly.

But I still love this song and i still miss the old her.

Much love to The Used !

Heartbreak | Reviewer: YoungLove | 3/16/09

So, like after 6 months of being together me and my bf broke up but we still had really strong feelings for each other. He called me the next night and said he wants me to listen to this song so I did and I broke down crying. This song means so much to me. I love this song. I'm so happy we got back together after that. :)

I Love You | Reviewer: Nate | 12/15/08

Driving home from a random night of driving, my best female friend and I (who we both have such strong feelings for each other but just can't be together at this point in time for a few reasons) turned this CD on and was flipping through until she hit this song and asked if I've ever listened to it before. I said I had but she asked if I knew the lyrics, which I didn't so she made me listen to them closely. Once the chorus hit, she curled up against me while I was driving and said she's so mean for making me listen to that song knowing I'd give anything to be with her... which I would. I love her ridiculously... I can't get this song out of my head since then and it makes me want her next to me now so badly... :-( She said she was all mine and I should be all hers... trust me babe if you'd let me, I would be... what a messed up situation... ugh I love you.

actuallly | Reviewer: Krys | 3/26/08

so im wth this famazing guy. hes 2 years younger than me but i freaking adore this kid...-hes funnyy as shit and gorgeous as fuuuuuk.[he kinda looks like bert actuallly.yup!] WELL ON MY BDAY i kinda got frustrated with him [because a number a reasons] but mainly because he wouldnt open up to me....there was so muchh on his mind and i know because i felt the same. and i knew we would stay like that for the rest of the night until one of us would eventually make the first move. but i wasnt going to and neither was he. so we hit a roadblock. a standstill. and i got upset and walked out on mid-sentence. like 30 minutes later i walked outside and he was gone...aparently he went for a walk. then an hour later he was outside sitting down talking to my friend. i walked out and we hugged and made up i guess u cn say. mid hug he hugs me closer and begins to ell me how he feels like shit and tht he fucked up and chance he had to be with me. my heart sank. later that night we broght up the used and he said the whole time he went out walking around he couldnt get this song [EARTHQUAKE] out of his head....he told hes not all right wen i go and hes dying for me to be all his....just like hes all mine.
i know this was long but this song has a lot alot alot of significance to me. because i did have a earthquake on my mind that night.

The song | Reviewer: Leah | 1/22/08

Just a couple days ago me and my ex had a fight because we both still like eachother and now we think we wont talk to eachother again
So I looked on his myspace the day after our fight and he had this song

Perfect.. | Reviewer: Cassandra | 1/17/08

I memorized every lyric in this sone.... This is the perfect song. I listen to it when I go to bed, I listen to it in the morning before I go to school, I bring my iPod to school and listen to it, hoping my hair will hide the headphones.

To Mon...Actually, yes I did!

Missing you | Reviewer: Razz | 1/3/08

This song is mine and my best friends' favorite to listen to, we are really close friends and everytime we're apart we listen to this song because it reminds us of eachother "Cos baby i'm not alright when you go, I'm not fine" it's so true when my most truly amazing friend is gone i'm never alright!

Baby | Reviewer: kylejhei | 10/29/07

I listened to this song at the time that me and my girlfriend had our worst (that's the final.. I'm sure.. XD) After listening to the whole song (5x I guess..) I learned to value each and every moment when we are together. I love this song. Thanks The Used. You Rock!

:[ | Reviewer: Sevyn | 10/24/07

This is my girlfriends favorite song (I love it alot too) . It always make me cry to think about it, especially because she's getting sent to a boarding school soon, and its all my fault. "Have I murdered our love"?

perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

I love The Used, is great music. Is not like emo or something it's happy rock! I like it? it's really some good stuff, listen to The Used i swear you'll be happy.
perfect lyrics! .__.

true life | Reviewer: avery | 9/15/07

i heard this song right after i lost someone in a bad way, it didn't make me sad just made me miss what i won't have. the used like sings about my life i swear! great album

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

beautiful song, dont think I'm ever gonna become tired of this song. yeepp, it really makes you think.
the used got some great lyrics
xoxo sp