forsure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/08

songs are meant to be analyzed, the same as literature. i think its about a hooker. and i think he says 'if we cut out the BED well then wed have nothing left'. it all makes sense when you relate it to a hooker. he killed her cuz she didnt cum, or simply enjoy it. she lied to the angels, so that she could get into heaven, and said he stabbed her to death. when he thinks of pure petals hes talking about having sex with a girl who isnt a whore... then he thinks about her petals.. and she fucks around a lot so her petals are abused and used up. and when he switches to 'you stabbed me to death' that could be she gave him aids.. or just good song writing to switch it. or the fact that he cant get into heaven now because he fucked a hooker and then killed her...

To me at least... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/08

It reminds me of my last relationship. We fought constantly. It was more or less just sex, but we still had some feeling for each other. Then she broke up with me for her ex, but still wanted to hang out. So he's talking about all the messed up things they've done to each other, but the lust to his brain almost feels like a gun.

People Piss Me Off. | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 2/17/08

Okay, to the person who wrote:
"i hate it when people try to find 'the deeper meaning' of a song..
the only person who REAllY knows is the person who wrote it, so get over yourself and your 'deeper meanings'"
I would just love to say to you that the point of writers/musicians like The Used releasing songs are FOR people to find their own meaning to their songs, to relate to them, to find the meaning to their own thoughts and experiences, and to give themselves a therapy and a window for their fans to look through and see who they are.
Its people like you that dont deserve the ability to hear music. I bet you sit around listening to music that's on the radio, calling yourself a "fan". Well to me, you don't appreciate lyrics or the things people go through to create it. If people want to look at a song, and try and find a meaning, let them! Because lyrics like these have meaning. People like The Used and other bands with talent have a meaning to search for. So why don't you just go off and listen to Rianna or whatever you like to waste your life on. You obviously have no appreciation for lyrics and music. Go die, please.

oh my god. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

i hate it when people try to find 'the deeper meaning' of a song..
the only person who REAllY knows is the person who wrote it, so get over yourself and your 'deeper meanings'

I read somewhere... | Reviewer: Nusa | 12/5/07

I read somewhere (I don't remember where exactly) that this song is about Bert's drug abuse... When he and Kate (I think) were still together...
And I also always understood it that way. I never connected it with sex...

yeah... please ignore my inability to spell... English is my second language

I didn't get half the shit you are talking about people | Reviewer: brian | 9/30/07

The song is very intimate and violent.

NO there isn't a refference to hookers and head, wow ...
Haven't heard the backwards message yet but it sounds like a couple that keep splitting up and has some violence. She's been through a lot and he talks about how he used to think of a perfect rose petal then he thinks of her and all she's been through. He hurt her and he regrets it.

=] | Reviewer: Dani | 9/29/07

this song. i love it.
i know this girl who has "Cut Up Angels" tatooed on the back of her neck.
I am going to see them at TOC soon (again)... =]!

ha | Reviewer: E | 9/10/07

you guys the lyrics are wrong haha

"i lost my head, you couldn't cum. this lust to my brain almost feels like a gun"

then switches it to " you lost your head, i couldn't cum..."

he's bi DUH. it feels like a gun because you guys know that when people pay hookers and make them give head that sometimes they usually kill them by like suffocating them right?? ok yeah we're done... but thats what it means.

think about it... "If we go at the same time
They'll clean up the mess"

About the song Cut Up Angels performed by The Used | Reviewer: CiaraDARLING | 9/3/07

This is a GREAT song here :]
THE USED is like my FAVORITE band ever!!!!
they're my heroes!!! forever and always

Reversed lyric | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

I reversed and filtered the song properly and it is clearer what he says and it isnt hold on momma.. its "you are not normal, happyness, woah god yes it is" well that is what it sounds like to me.. Seems to suit the song.. Damn subliminal messaging :p

Love the song! Top stuff