;) | Reviewer: Cut Up Angel | 11/2/11

Well if it is about sex good, cuz Bert makes me so hot. I'd let him abuse my petals, stuff it all in and stab me to death every night as much as he wanted to and i'd enjoy it.

I thought it was just a pretty song then someone suggested the sex theme and i re-listened i think it really is about them having amazing kinky sex and now they can't get off together they're bored. Pretty wild stuff cheeky Bert ;)

for you people who think its about sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/11

If we cut out the bad then we'd have nothing left means if him and his girlfriend stopped doing drugs then they would have nothing left between them.

Like I cut up your mouth The night I stuffed it all in is him reffering to giving his girlfriends drugs one night and she made it seem like he forced it upon her.

It's about his death girlfriend people! | Reviewer: Nat | 12/6/10

Let me explain it.... when the lead singer was making this album, his girlfriend got hit by a bus when she was overdosed in drugs, and died. I think the song is showing how gulity he felt because he couldn't make it... and maybe, maybe it was his fault that she did drugs... get it now?

Suicide and Murder | Reviewer: S | 6/26/10

I think this is an amazing song. But i dont think its about sex. It sounds like they we're not there for eath other in the relationship so he killed her and then said if he kills himself he wont have to clean it up. She told the angles he stabbed her so he cant stay in heaven?

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/10

It says cut out the bad not bed. I think your idea that its about sex is just ridiculous. You put way to much thought into that. I agree it might be about a relationship or whatever but your ideas are a bit graphic for the song. But anyways i love this song (:

Relationship gone sour - Sex can no longer mask problems | Reviewer: Evan | 6/21/10

If we cut out the bed (Sex)
Well then we'd have nothing left
Like I cut up your mouth
The night I stuffed it all in (Oral Sex)
And you lied to the angels
Said I stabbed you to death (Girl feels violated)
If we go at the same time (Cum at the same time)
They'll clean up the mess (Problems will be okay)

I lost my head
You couldn't come (Could not make her climax)
This lust to my brain almost feels like a gun

The song is about a relationship gone sour, the only thing they have is the sex and slowly they are losing their "heads" - as in they can no longer even enjoy the sex or climax. It talks about how if they were able to still successfully have sex than the problems would be masked, but the problems can no longer be masked by the sex. The song goes on to basically comment on how the relationship is no good anymore and *possibly* has references to feeling violated or sexual abuse. The people in the song are also very dissatisfied with the morality of the relationship (Devil)

Kevin | Reviewer: Kevin | 4/22/10

To keep perspective Bert's songs are truly written about him and his life/the band. Take Blue and Yellow, That is about him and Quinn's friendship.

This song is truly about his guilt and responsibility he felt of the death of his girlfriend who was pregnant with his kid. It was an overdose and he was aware of her drug use. He felt blame because he didn't do anything to stop it.

Understood. . . sorta | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/10

This song just dosent sound like its about oral sex,maybe he had a dream about killing his girlfriend/wife then wrote a song about it.i mean really oral sex,killing in real life then singing about it,who would do that?

review | Reviewer: Paul | 1/12/10

Its if we cut out the bed then wed have nothing left..... not the bad, the songs about clinging onto a relationship where sex is the only thing left.... the sexual references are overwhelming ... "Like I cut up your mouth
The night I stuffed it all in
And you lied to the angels
Said I stabbed you to death
If we go at the same time
They'll clean up the mess" < oral sex and stabbing to death simulating that every time they had sex she felt dead inside.... then going at the same time to clean up the mess... plus i lost my head you couldnt come ...

La la la I would cut up your angels :) | Reviewer: Rachie | 1/11/10

I it is one of those destructive, demolition relationships. Where they don't literally kill each other but by staying together in the abusive relationship is killing them both. He he feels bad 'cos he knows she deserves better and he's just bringing her down. That would explain the rose analogy. Then it seem like when called out on their destructive behavior she threw him under the bus and said it was his fault and he destroyed her. The realizes he feels for her even if it exactly the love he expected and wants to be with her but their relationship is nothing that belongs in heaven and he'll won't let them be together. That's what I get out of it.

I also think of him and Gerard when he uses the pedals analogy 'cos Gerard has his demons and been through a lot and then the part saying that he's looking through the bottle reminds me of Gerard drinking and just another one of those demolition lovers situations but I much rather have Frank and Gerard together :3

For the record I don't believe the song is about Gerard or anyone special really, just one of the what if scenerios.