RE: | Reviewer: Catherine | 12/26/09

I think that it's a sort of demolition realationship, and he goes insane and kills her, then kills himself. But anyway...

Everytime I've listened to this song, I've thought that he wrote it about Gerard Way, when they were still on speaking terms

could it be...? | Reviewer: insane little chicklet | 12/18/09

maybe she feels used?(Well i mean cha,the band's called the used,but you get it)like he was taking what he wanted from her then killed herself and told the angels he did it, and she changes her story to say that he hung her and made her swallow glass.i think the lust like a gun is because of the severe pain he feels from her death and his lust is a seems like the roses are for him picking out flowers for the funeral or something and saying he feels like he mistreated her.he doesn't want heaven because he either doesn't deserve it for hurting her,or she went to hell for killing herself maybe?
that's just my opinion though,so i may be TOTALLY off mark,but...

Twisted and yet awesome | Reviewer: Julia | 9/30/09

The song is about him killing her, as far as I can tell. He kicked out the chair and watched her hang there? Sounds like he hanged her. I'm not too sure about him making her eat a bottle and having her chew the glass. Maybe could make her kill herself that way too? Then I get the idea that he's thinking of killing himself afterwards so he doesn't have to clean up the mess. Who knows, but this song is definitely not as innocent as it sounds the first time around :D

Definately | Reviewer: Jkizz | 9/9/09

Definately a suicide song... sounds to me its 2 people talking about going out at the same time. "If we go at the same time, They'll clean up the mess" Who's left to clean up if their both gone? And dont forget, "Watched you bite into the bottle, Watched me kick out the chair
Let you chew up the glass, And laughed as you just hung there" Ever eat a glass bottle? Im sure it isn't good for your health.

Great song though...

pained | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/09

i like thi song...i think the meaning is along the lines of saying they fought alot..and all they had left was sex "If we cut out the bed
Well then we'd have nothing left"..and it killed their happens

dunno? | Reviewer: hayley | 3/4/09

the song is so good but i cant get my head around what it means. my boyfriend said it was that she died, and he killed himself to be with her? and a whole lot of other stuff i forget. i appreciate the used and the way theirs always a meaning to their songs. the best.

My view on the song | Reviewer: Aubrey | 1/4/09

Bert Had an ex-girlfriend that had died of an overdose on drugs while pregnant(im pretty sure about 8 months) with their child. I think that this song has alot to do with her and him blaming himself for her death.

"Watched you bite into the bottle
Watched me kick out the chair
Let you chew up the glass
And laughed as you just hung there
I had thought of rose petals most perfectly pure
Then I thought of your petals
And the abuse they've been through"

I think he is tryig to say that he saw her struggleing with her addictions and he didnt really do anything to help and now he blames himself in a way...maybe feeling like in a way he is responsible for her dying because he didnt really help her when she needed him. He doesnt mean anything about really stabbing anybody and this song has absolutely nothing to do with him killing a prostitute.

This is just my interpretation of the song and what I THINK it means

maybe | Reviewer: lilly | 11/20/08

well i think he didnt kill her i reckon that he feels like he killed her in his heart cause she might have left him and he says tht she told the angels he stabbed her to death cause he might think that she feels like he stabbed her in the back or sumthin! i mean honestly do u really think that he would say that he killed her in a song! he'd get thrown in jail!

Well done. | Reviewer: Armande | 11/16/08

This song, like every song, means something different to each and every person who hears it.
To me, it's about how, when he killed his girlfriend, she told the angels in heaven that he did it. 3I think that it is meant to be a humorous song. But that's just me.

feels like a gun | Reviewer: yup | 10/14/08

i think its about a bad relationship "if we cut out the bad well then we'd have nothing left" its saying that their relationship is bad, they just fight and its abusive. "like i cut up your mouth" and "you lied to the angels" could mean he killed her. i think its about an abusive relationship where he killed her and regrets everything