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Performed by The Used

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Sick to his stomach | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/08

I agree with sabrina, I think he literally puked the day away because he was sick to his stomach from her. It's not hard to imagine because I have felt the same way.

"You almost always pick the best time,
to drop the worst lines."

When she broke up/something horrible with him... for me it was that phone call at 4am and I couldn't sleep all night..

yeah.. | Reviewer: sabrina | 8/24/08

i really don't think the song is about bulimia. ''i guess its okay i puked the day away'' ..okay yeah. i don't literally think he means that. i know he was bulimic, but i think hes trying to say, how much he really loved someone, but that person was the only one he let close to him, and all that person does its hurt him, and he cant walk away because he loves them so much. but eventually he cant take it anymore, and relizes this person doesnt give a fuck about him, and just wants to play mind games:

''You almost always pick the best time,
to drop the worst lines.
You almost made me cry again this time.
Another false alarm,
red flashing lights.
Well this time I'm not going to watch myself die.''

and i think hes conflicted, because ive gone through it. because the person hes talking about, is obviously a bitch.
but theres something about them, that you cant let go. but they make you fucking sick to your stomach, and he lets them go, and its like him dies inside, but feels so much better, and not trapped anymore.
''I think the chain broke away,
and I felt it the day that I had my own time
I took advantage of myself and felt fine.
But it was worth the night,
I caught an early flight and I made it home''

and then he goes how he puked the day away,
because its a horrible feeling.
because being close to someone,
and they're the only ones who know how to piss you off at the perfect times,
and hurt you so many times,
theres comes a point where you just cant take it anymore. and his hearts numb.

Amazing | Reviewer: Meggan Rae | 7/15/08

This song is fucking amazing..and honestly there are so many different ways to interpurt it. but everyone interpurts things in a different way. like to me it makes me think of him giving up on someone and that person finally realizing that he gave up and wanting him back. i dunno it could be because that's what i'm going thru,

bulimia | Reviewer: dontbeanasshole | 7/13/08

in my opinion, i think this song was meant to be interpritted both literally and in a deeper level depending on who you are.
because i have been battling an eating disorder for a number of years now, i understand exactly how he could be talking to his.
this kind of makes me sound crazy, but for many people suffering from eating disorders, they are like seperate things inside of them.
and when you're trying to beat it your basically "arguing" with it.
it's not something you can just ignore.
but at the same time,
i know that people who do not suffer from an eating disorder do not at all understand them,
so for them it could also be interpritted as some other relationship.
but i would appreciate it if you wouldn't call other peoples views stupid, because no one said that it was absolutly positively the only way it could be interpritted,
and as far as i knew,
people were entitled to their own opinions.

metephorical vs. literal | Reviewer: youguysarestupid | 5/28/08

yes, bert used to be bulimic, but i really don't think this song is meant to be taken in such a literal sense. the line 'i puked the day away' does not literally mean throwing up. I believe what he means is he's gotten it out of his memory, and no longer is thinking of it. your bulimia theory doesn't match the rest of the song.. 'if you want me back, you're going to have to ask nicer than that.' i honestly don't think that an eating disorder can 'ask' to come back. nonetheless, if the song is about him overcoming it, like you said, then he would ignore it all together, not tell it to ask nicer.

ajdferue | Reviewer: dhueridf | 5/8/08

This song is about bulimia. Bert was a bulimic. "I guess its okay that I puked the day away." Yeah. He's talking about his bulimia and how he's sick of it and wants to find his way back to a safer place, inside of slowly dying from this horrible disease.

bert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

i think the line "puked the day away" is really affective it really got to me and i think it has alot to do with what bert used to go through. a really great song.

BEST SONG! by the BEST BAND | Reviewer: Melissa | 10/25/07

I swear no song has explained me better than this song so far! and i love this song and who it's by! i love you (the used) you are the greatest band!

Wow... | Reviewer: Ang | 9/17/07

I've loved the used for a while! Awesome band and one of their best songs. Bert isn't afraid to sing what he feels and he's not alone. I feel like that sometimes, its horrible, but how he can but those feelings into words is utterly amazing. LONG LIVE THE USED!!!

GREAT SONG! | Reviewer: Tatiana Ferron | 8/13/07

this is my freakin favorite song by the used! i love you guys you're my favorite band i have all your CD's and lots of posters of you guys on my wall wow im your biggest fan!

Woo... | Reviewer: Screamo | 7/21/07

This is an awesome song. I love the music vid, but his hair could be less greasy. The Used is on the road to becoming my favourite band. If only I could persuade my mom to let me get the CD.

buried myself alive | Reviewer: kelc | 6/28/07

i guess you can reveal the song as something you can relate to. as in tonight. this song caught my heart. its like... im the first to fall and the last to know... whered you go? and this song is kind of like well you say you dont want me. but when your with me u do? well if you do end up wanting me back... just FUCKING tell me... but whatever lead me on... then tell me that let me puke the day away cus i really liked you... hmm.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

indescribable lyrics
fresh from the heart
a real hit.

Kick Ass | Reviewer: abby | 6/15/07

i love this fucking song! its so great i love the used!

EPIC | Reviewer: Mia | 6/2/07

this is probably my favorite Used song.
bert's voice sounds so raw and fragile
and the guitar is brilliant.
everyone's all strung out about how 'lyke omfgz hawt' bert/quinn/jepha/dan (or brendan)
is and no one really pays attention to how glorious the music is.

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