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Performed by The Used

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Amazing song. | Reviewer: Melissa | 3/25/05

I loved this's such a true to heart kind of song. It makes you feel something deeper than words inside of just reaches inside you and touches your very heart.

Great Song | Reviewer: Jessie | 3/21/05

This was a great song, but its not like they usually sound. They're usually more hardcore. But it stays stuck in my head for days after I hear

AWESOME | Reviewer: rebecca | 3/3/05

this so is so awesome! the instrumentals rock and the video is great! i love the drums in the song, they don't over power the vocals or any of the insruments. The lyrics are beautiful! it just rocks!

All That I've Got - great song | Reviewer: TR | 2/14/05

I think this song is great. The instrumental use isn't too harsh or too soft, it's jusr right for this song.
The video is brilliant aswell. Other songs on the new album - In Love And Death are fantastic...a bit harsh with the instruments on some songs but nontheless it is a really good album

.. | Reviewer: Matt | 1/11/05

I like this song a lot. Along with a lot of the songs on the cd. Some songs aren't that good...and just don't remind me of The Used. Some songs have too much like...instramentals(i know i spelled that wrong...)or maybe too loud instraments(also spelled wrong..i think)

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