WOW | Reviewer: Emily | 6/18/12

Why are people so happy about this song? Corey Haim was, is* the best teen star. We all make mistakes. How did he feel listening to a song a bunch of nobodies wrote about him , probably terrible.

Wrong to the maximo | Reviewer: happy | 4/7/10

WOW, I can't believe people are appulding such crap. This song is ridiculous. I wonder if anyone stopped to think how Corey Haim felt when he heard it. Who gives this unknown pack of morons the right to sing this shit. I loved Corey, still do. I hope this band feels gulity as fuck. Paying out on his expense, so wrong.

!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/08

i swear i knew that's what this song was saying.
they play it at my work all the time,
and i thought maybe that this is just the way i was hearing it (corey haim),
but for once, ha, the lyrics i made up in my head are actually THE lyrics.

thank goodness.

thursday! | Reviewer: anon | 7/28/07

i saw the thrills 2 nights ago..and this was one of the best definitely that they played =D!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/05

not only is this like THE most perfect song, Connor Deasy is soooooooooooo hot in it