Brilliant song about life's biggest issues | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/2008

The The has given the world one beautiful song about, yes, love and death. It may be a simple pop song to hear and sing along with, but it almost becomes a chant, or a mantra, if you let it. Most people avoid the subject of death, out of fear, but, in my opinion, love IS stronger than death and we would do well to focus on that and love like there is no tomorrow. Also, the imagery of seasonal change and rebirth is stunning, especially sung with passion as it is. Is my review over the top? That is because, in the year 2008, I've grown tired of so many pop songs focusing on being angry in the material world. I yearn for more like "Love is Stronger than Death."

my love is stronger than your death | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/2005

yes, it is stronger then death.
Thank you for teaching me to love this song, and love you, since it is now like you are talking to me through it. telling me that my love is indeed stronger then your death.