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Hopes | Reviewer: AlLySoN | 6/1/09

I dont really know if they are getting back together , but they are my favorite band and always will be. I have heard some rumors of it but not sure . I am hoping soooooo hard cuz Julian Casablancas is the cutest guy that ive ever seen in my life so i just hope, they make awesome music and should still be doing it.

omigawsh im so excited! | Reviewer: Rae | 4/10/09

OMIFRIKINGAWSH I'm so excited because there is a rumor saying that The Strokes got back together February 11,2009 and I have been waiting since sixth grade and I have been waiting for the to get back together for 3 years! But I have liked The Strokes' music since I was a little girl 'cause my dad got me listening to them and I still like them and I always will!!!!!

the elixer! not knowing, is knowing | Reviewer: madg | 3/26/09

I am an artist lifelong, my personal style was labeled eclectic by a person i trust and admire, one of the most talented individuals i've ever met, impressed me and inspired me... i never heard the word before, years later i looked it's definition, was astonished, i do exist, i am not the outcast, the burden of contact, instability, everyone hates, conflict, selfish, boastful, delusional, deserves to be hurt... I found myself, when i found this band... Just want what you want, and see what you cant see... when you look a me, what you hate is what you lack... the feeling to see, freedom to fail, mean what you say... You say to be mean, the meaner the better conforming me into the better a dreamer... this will all backlash someday... thats not OK!...the love that now draws me, is not Love, a derivitive of Pity Sympathy... I always Loved you!, you always liked me!...

BEST BAND EVER. | Reviewer: Izzzy | 3/1/09

The Strokes are by far the best band that I have ever heard and that has ever existed. In the days where all I hear on the radio now is sex & alcohol in hip hop or nasty pop, I have The Strokes to keep me sane. I love this band more than I could even begin to explain. Fab's drumming is always so precise, Albert's passion when he plays his riffs is clear and intense, Nikolai's "don't want to be noticed" persona makes his creative bass lines come forward, Jules' deep lyrics and raspy voice draws us in so quickly, and Nick's unique solos are always refreshing to hear.

There are very few bands out there in which every member is equally as famous as the next. In The Strokes, there is no single part that stands out the most in their music or their group. The ecclectic mixed personalities it what makes them, them. <3

The best band in the world | Reviewer: Quiinny | 11/22/08

I live near where the Arctic Monkeys come from and i thought they were the best band in the world and it would take a lot to change that...

But the Strokes are by far my favourite ever band. I love them and I cant wait until they get recording again. SO ACE!! *****

The strokes rock | Reviewer: Omar rodriguez | 5/19/08

The strokes make magical music thats why there are the best band ever! with there great melodies and exploding lyrics! they inspired me to start my own band! we are the unborn kids! check out my band! find it on myspace

hurray for the strokes | Reviewer: tef | 11/30/07

they are pretty damn good, they remind me a lil bit of the killers and interpol.... more like the killers, though i like the killers a whole lot more... this band rocks!
i think the genre is indie

the strokes | Reviewer: martell | 4/24/07

an inspiration to many and they really are very in depth with the lyrics of these songs. hits me everytime i listen!

Fresh Music | Reviewer: SMike | 1/21/06

I agree this band is amazing, in this days where we only get new metal crap or pop punk, this guys came with a refreshing sound, it sure takes some old ideas but, this punk band(yeah is punk) is one of the music I ever heard. For sure one of the best bands of this days, even though they are not so big as they should be, they are loved in Europe (where I must say they enjoy good music) and got many fans in America as well. Jules does and awesome job in the vocals(pretty refreshing again), the rest of the band is great lots of riffs :).

This is a band to follow or at least to give it a change, so buy the "Is this it" album the best of them and they review them like me. Rock as it should be.

The Strokes | Reviewer: Rhiannon | 9/27/05

Yeah, The Strokes are pretty freaking amazing. Just lettin you know...

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