The Statlers Brothers,Trough the years!!! | Reviewer: Ronaldo and Regina. | 8/19/13

The Statler Brothers was great,they do his music and go trough the years giving to each decade his own kind of interpretacion...they iniciate like cowboys with his songs and year ,by year go to modern country,but don't forgett his old country roots.To our times know who was The Statlers Brothers is important to new groups,to understand what is Country and how do a good country music.Great,just great!!!!Ronaldo and Regina,from Campos dos Goytacazes,Brasil!!!

what every happened to the statler brothers | Reviewer: ingridezell | 7/15/12

would like to know what each are doing i thought i saw jimmy in the gathers group on tv is that so i also would like to know where to get a cd o hymns by them i have a old tape with i think its carl,but would like one with jimmy on the track

The best yet | Reviewer: Thomas Key | 12/14/07

Just wondered if you had retired. I saw you in Augusta ,Ga. and you were great. I live in Aiken,SC. just wondered if you were still making tours. Thank you , Thomas Key