My Favorite Smith's Song | Reviewer: b0rnbad | 2/8/13

This has been my favorite song of all time since the first time I heard it back in 1985. (I'm in the states...we didn't get The Smiths until after they'd taken over Britain)
It's beat is perfect to run 2 miles in 16 minutes.... you just have to put it on repeat :)

I have based a large portion of my life on this song and every time my wife complains about something I just naturally hear the opening riff in my head every time.

IWhy are their lyrics so easy to remember. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/12

really sometimes I find myself typing something...a word a sentence and I start singing one of their songs. I don't nessecary need to know which one but today it was...this "And I'm feeling very sick and ill today". The weird part, I have the music and the droopy voice of Morrissey in my head.
I love the smiths. Their lyrics speak the truth!
Viva The Smiths!
The Smiths are DEAD!

Today listening the first Smith's album at work! | Reviewer: Johnny Chacón | 2/12/07

I heard this song on "postpunk chronicles", it was the first time I listened The Smiths, from this time I became a Smith´s time at a job interview, somebody asked me, what is my favorite band..and I know that i don´t have to hesitate....The Smiths!