Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/14

I interpret it as being about a stranger. That moment when you pass by someone you've never met and won't see again, but catch a spark, and they stick in your mind and you hope you're stuck in their's, at least until the enchantment wears off and you forget about each other. Everyone hears what they need to hear, and I don't know the real intention, but that's what I take from it.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Luke | 4/15/13

And I think it goes beyond simple unrequited love, that's far too cliche for The Smiths and certainly Morrissey himself. But who knows, maybe he isn't as big an enigma as he seems.

I know what Morissey's singing about... | Reviewer: Hiphopopotamus | 8/13/09

I interpret the song as formerly stated, about not being noticed about someone who you are very much in love with. Someone who you look at as often as you can, but often without the person in question noticing.

The way the lyrics are written reminds me of some of Radiohead's later B-sides, and live numbers, particularly "True Love Waits" and "Gagging Order". Amnesiac's "Knives Out" also comes to mind. It is always great to hear some of Thom Yorke's inspiration. :)

Greatest Band | Reviewer: Marius | 11/11/08

it's about unknown love. he loves a girl so much and she doesn't even know that, actually she doesn't know that this guy exists. themes of sadness, loneliness and despair are reprezentative for The Smiths lyrics and I found myself so much in them.

Break-up song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

He is singing about someone who dumped him. I often think about my exes when I listen to this song.