5/02/2014 | Reviewer: Briana Morrissey Mendoza | 5/2/14

Morrissey is such a good singer...and i still listen to him everyday never getting tired of the same songs. HE IS SO UNIQUE and different than any other singer i know. In fact, I have tickets to go and seem him in L.A. In 1 week and 1 day; I'm so excited!

all I have to declare is my genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/13

Morrissey is an anti-monarchist, this song isn't hard to decipher it's meaning though some of the lyrics contain subtleties of what he is actually talking about. The overall message is clear to me though, FUCK THE QUEEN.

Lady Macbeth | Reviewer: Anonymous Teacher | 12/18/12

A great song indeed. Worth also considering the line from Shakespeare's Macbeth when Seyton tells Macbeth: "The queen, my lord, is dead" (Act 5, scene 5). Lady Macbeth, the "fiend like" queen, makes an interesting allusion for Morrissey's message.

THANKS | Reviewer: SoyBoySigh | 4/7/12

Hey, finally some of the more obscure lyrics are cleared up for me. I first heard this when it was brand new, bought off the shelf in Manchester when I was fourteen and overseas on holiday (From Canada), walking around Manchester, London, Edinburgh etc, with a Sony walkman and this album. What a beautiful thing. But now I know every proper lyric, and I'm very grateful. And I agree with the above post, it's very very strong for a man to express "femininity". My role models growing up were half queer. Well, some of them were ALL queer. Ha ha. Seriously though, Morrissey is quite the macho singer. Nothing like Rob Halford though, he "tops" Morrissey. Ha ha. -S.

The queen is dead | Reviewer: keith rafferty | 6/26/11

it there a relationship between this song and this poem i googled???

The queen is dead
In my head
The queen is gone
So why go on
Her parents cry
As they say ‘goodbye’
And hold her hand
As she leaves this land
The king on his throne
Is feeling all alone
He kisses her lips
As further she slips
A tear on his cheek
As she slowly grows weak
She closes her eyes
And quietly she dies

Ashtoning. | Reviewer: Diego Besada | 8/6/07

Doesn't you feel understanding when you listen a song by "The Smiths" or see Morrissey dancing wihtout care of nothing in the BBC videos. Man it' the hardest band of R'N'Roll history. Man you can wear leather or sing about how macho you are, but... Who can be really show that kind of empaty without feeling naked? That gives you courage to say the woman (Or any being) you loved that, without feeling an idiot.Shit even gives you the needing of buying flowers to give the people in the street

all i have to declare is my genius | Reviewer: lee pridding | 6/12/07

best smiths song ever best album in the history of the universe

Brilliant! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/07

What a song, really gets the message across doesn't it!one of my favourates performed live.