The greatest.... | Reviewer: Phil | 7/11/11

In terms of their influence on a multitude of great musicians, the influence of The Smiths is unparalleled. I'd even go so far as to say that they were as great an influence as the Beatles in their era. Morrisey is a great poet full stop. Forget the music, which is a great backdrop. He captured the futility of growing up in the 80s with Thatcherism and the Cold war quite brilliantly. An exceptional and unique talent, never to be surpassed I suspect.

Second only to The Beatles | Reviewer: Jon (rooster) Krause | 12/21/10

In my opinion The Smiths fall second only to The Beatles in terms of brilliant song writing and structure. Anyone who is serious about music as an art will definatly appriciate and benefit from purchasing and listening to the entire catalog. I was lucky enough to hit 7th grade in 1984 and was turned on to the band shortly there after. It was one of those life changing moments where you realize you are witnessing something special and historic unfold (at least I thought so at the time). The fact that they were not a huge commercial success just solidifies how great and important to music they were. The junk the radio stations were playing back then was just that - junk. We (my friends and I) took pride that most of our musical selections at the time were not on the airwaves. It added to the moment something I really can't describe. I guess it made it more special? I don't know. I'm just glad to have lived to see that I was right. The Smiths were an incredible part of music history!

critically magnificent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

...I never wanted to lkie them in the 80s....but the quality of the music and lyrics was incomparable then, and even to this say, it remains difficult to match. Morrissey is surely one of the greatest musical poets, and Marr can write just brilliant guitar riffs and melodies. Not played much on the radio nowadays, mainly as much of their work failed to be commercially successful. Yet as anyone that knows their music will immediately place them very high in top 10 rankings of best bands...

truley classic | Reviewer: dereck | 5/28/08

None compares to the true powerhouse that the smiths were as a unit, i recently got out all my vintage smiths vinyl for the fist time in years as i was a young bloke at there peak, there music truley transends time.

the cream of the crop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

my all-time favourite band
there is a light that never goes out, how soon is now, this charming man, and many other songs are just the cream of the crop of the britain music ever
i love them, morrissey and marr are the worlds best duo ever in my opinion
lyrics of their songs are beautiful plus morrisseys great voice and marrs guitar=the best music
thank god for the smiths and their music

Long live the Smiths | Reviewer: Miguel Castro | 1/14/06

I love this band... sadly i'm too young to have seen them still together, but they are absolutely great... it doesn't bother me if my friends tease me for liking one of the 'oldies', The Smiths are definitely going to stick for a while in my favourite bands !

WHY HAS NOONE COMMENTED ON THEM | Reviewer: Ben S | 1/10/06

With a frown, a moan and a shuffling of feet the Smiths were born in 1982. Who could have known from humble beginnings peppering labels with demoes that Morrisey (vocals), Jonny Marr (guitars), Andy Rourke (bass) and Mike Joyce (drums) would still be so deservedly in a pantheon of British rock greats. Early singles such as 'handsome devil' and the stupendoes 'this charming man' displayed the Smiths jangling indie sound. Marr's multi-layered licks and melodies fitting perfectly with Morriseys highly individual vocals. Now recognised as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) songwriting duos Britain and even the world has ever seen Morrisey and Marrs deflecting personalities worked perfectly as strings of classic singles ('how soon is now', 'last night i dreamed somebody loved me') led up to the all time classic 'The Queen is Dead' album which itself included the classics 'bigmouth strikes again', 'the boy with a thorn in his side', 'i know its over' and 'there is a light that never goes out', as well as the spitting title track deservedly (actually no it should have been higher) meant a Top 20 showing in Channel 4s classic albums poll. Sadly it couldn't last and after five rich years The Smiths disintegrated messily but the music lives on and always will do