It's about a guy who is in love with a prostitute | Reviewer: Patrick | 3/29/11

Seems pretty obvious. She has had to act like she was in control her whole life, after being abused as a child and an adult. The narrator loves her - she is undiminished now that he knows the truth, but she is going to drive this relationship into the rocks, like she has so many others, and he's begging her to sail it true, not sink it.

meaning | Reviewer: marc | 1/23/11

I think its about a pair of people are really good friends and the girl starts to fall and the boy loves her too but just not in the same light. and like said above just wants to see her smile and be happy and treat her well because she deserves nothing but the best in his eyes. But he doesn't have those feelings for her, or atleast he's not sure, and just wants to keep that at bay until another time. and to let it go for now to see if the feelings continue to arise at other times. but im not sure, maybe its just bc thats how its relates to me and my personal situation but whatever anyways its an awesome song :)

Boy is comfort food and wants girl to have a real relationship with him | Reviewer: jenny | 9/15/09

This song is about a girl who rarely gets her heart broke. When she does she runs to her boy who is just a friend but who she knows likes her as more than a friend...aka the writer of this song.
He of course wants her and tries to belittle her into getting with him on a permanent basis and taking their thing in an actual direction...instead of her just using him as a plaything between exciting men she's actually interested in.
Men like this never do get the sailor girl, because she can never be broken so much as to settle for the fellow who takes her into his arms every time she effs up a relationship that she truly does want. Every woman wants and needs a comfort food boy, but we don't want them around too long...there is something wimpy and wrong about the situation and we know it. But if you keep taking it, your ship will continually be sunk. We aren't sailing anywhere with men like this writer. The writer is merely begging not to be spurned again, and if there are so many girls out there like sailor girl...then why doesn't writer go get one that actually wants him as "more than a friend"

Sort of a mix of what everyone said.. | Reviewer: LarLar | 9/3/09

so to me he's saying:

this POS dude will tell you he loves you, but then he won't back it up with his actions. to him, there are just so many more girls out there to use.
a stronger girl would frown about it and then let it go, but you choose to let it bring you down, you let it bother you. you stay with him.
you've just been given your way too many times. you've chosen to take on many different roles or relationships or personalities, but this time you can't win.
you've made it through all of these really tough situations and always come out alright, you can't help it that plain, real love isn't cutting it anymore, you're just interested in something exciting.
but you haven't changed a bit to me though.
does what i'm saying make sense?
you've always been in charge, and gotten what you wanted since you were 5 years old, but i've always just been along for the ride.
you've always been a leader, worried about where you're going, i've just been enjoying the view.
but you've always gotten your way, worrying about having EVERYTHING now, instead of worrying about having something left for the future.
all of those good times that you've had are ending now, and you need to make a choice. don't make a stupid choice that is going to hurt you.
in a little while from now we will forget all about all of this, and about how what we would have had is going to just collapse,
so let's just put this to rest. there is no more good lighting this situation. you've run out of goodness to look to- and i've got nothing to say to help you
out anymore. i can't show you the way, you'll have to figure it out for yourself.
you are not this perfect person who is just there for a smile and a good time. you've got so much more potential than that. there are such better options for you.
don't hurt yourself, don't purposely wreck what we could have for what he has.'re all wrong. | Reviewer: chick | 7/13/09

This song is about a girl who can't let go. She isn't special "there are just so many of you out there for rent". She's hell bent on letting the writer's rejection ruin her life. "The direst of straits" was their relationship and now nothing can live up to it for her. The writer is pleading her to move on but will forget her whether or not she decides to. "Just a moment or two from now not a mind will retain even a trace of the thoughts I struggled to tell"
Without the false glamour of thinking every song is a love song this is about a boy who doesn't give a damn about a dramatic argumentative ex girlfriend who "won one too many fights." The last fight she won't win is convincing him to care.

god I can relate to this.

Unbelievable Lyrics, So true and relevant to me it's scary | Reviewer: Tyler | 4/15/09

Wow, this song is simply amazing. It's so relevant to my life at the moment that it’s hard to believe. What everyone has said has been superb! Just for the hell of it I thought I would add my 2 cents-
She is not the only girl on the scene, in some sense she is just like the rest. However, she is only one that seems to appeal to him, and it is not from beauty or materialistic reasons, but from real, meaningful attraction from deep inside. All that he wants to do is care for her, make her smile, make her happy! But for some reason that just doesn’t seem like enough “Can you help it if plain love now seems less interesting?” She enjoys the flattery the situation brings, but can sometimes be a bit pretentious, making it appear as though she is interested. She has always been in control of the situation, the leader of the pack – “You’ve been at the helm since you were just five” but He cannot get a hold of the situation “While I cannot claim to be more than a passenger.” “You’ve won one too many fights...” referring to the fact that she always comes out on top, whenever something begins to arise from all the effort contributed by him, nothing happens due to her closed heart and unclear emotions. “You haven't changed an ounce in my eyes,” No matter what she does, he will always value her just the same. “And I cannot lecture you” It is impossible to confront her and ask why she is so protective of her emotions, because he is afraid she will get hurt. After a lifetime of effort trying to appeal to her and make something happen, it is time to give up, “Let the good times end tonight” ... “So settle this once and for all, The light no longer shows the cracks around my door, and I have no lantern to light your way home tonight” It is over. She will never fully know how much he really cared for her, and how much he still does.

just an idea | Reviewer: Carmella | 2/25/09

i think it is about an wild, idealistic, whimsical girl, who always ends up choosing people who treat her like crap. and when they inevitably hurt her, she shrinks and shrivels. i think the guy loves her, but to her "plain love seems less interesting" and she would rather sail the hard route to her destination.i think perhaps he is more a friend who wishes to be with her, or a lover she toys with. ."And I have no lantern to light your way home tonight" i think he wants to take care of her, but that isn't what she wants, because she is too dysfunctional to accept that treatment.

girl sailor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/09

i think it's about a tough girl who has a hard time settling with an ordinary nice boy because she has been through a lot "you have won one too many fights" and "can you help it if plain love seems less interesting?" and he ends by saying "sail her don't sink her" possibly meaning don't destroy this relationship even though that's what you usually do.

A singer and songwriter come together in a mature effort | Reviewer: malapropist | 2/3/08

I really enjoy the sound of the line "You've won one too many fights." The rhythm and repetition of "won one" is fun. I can't tell the meaning of the first stanza, but it benefits from James Mercer's delivery of "But there are just so many of/You out there for rent." I love the way that the second line there sounds almost like "you are different," and how that affects the way you think of the line when delivered.

Beautiful. | Reviewer: Bex | 11/22/07

If I told you my theory I'd just be repeating pretty much what everyone has already said.

So I'll just keep it simple and say I love this song, its possibly my favourite!