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Performed by The Shins

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:] | Reviewer: madison bare | 11/19/2007

i saw them live when they came down here not too long ago, i've honestly never been to a concert where the band sounded better live than on a cd. their music is great, and their lyrics are amazing.

on girl inform me by the shins | Reviewer: sarah | 5/20/2007

i really enjoy this song. probably my favorite on oh, inverted world.

Good song | Reviewer: Sam | 3/23/2007

I like this song, a lot, definetly one of my favourite out of The Shins' songs.

good song! | Reviewer: jazbob | 3/14/2007

I wouldn't classify this as my favorite Shins song but it's VERY catchy. I really like it. And from what I can tell, the lyrics are spot on. I love the line "Unknown quotients, you must be using potions. How else could you tie my head to the sky?" I stand by my guns that James Mercer is a lyrical genius...

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