aaaaaaahhh! the shins | Reviewer: kirby | 6/3/07

i love the shins!!! especially caring is creepy!!! and australia. and every other song i've heard by them!!!

Wow | Reviewer: Asaf | 5/31/07

It's a very rare thing when the lyrics of a song can read like a poem. I always really liked the song but I could never fully make out the words until I read them here. Wow. Whoever wrote those lyrics is really a poet. Same goes for their song New Slang

Awesome | Reviewer: Joeg | 5/22/07

Incredible. The genius of The Shins epitomised in three minutes and eighteen seconds.

Mint | Reviewer: Andrew Jones | 5/14/07

i watched Garden State on sky, Zach Braff owns i then went and bought the DVD, The Shins are godly also

title | Reviewer: candace | 4/19/07

this song is simply amazing. i agree with the first anonymous, its a pleasant sublime melody. ive been singing it ever since i heard it. i love it. i love the shins. i love garden state. and i love their soundtrack.

The Shins... modern day brilliance | Reviewer: mitch | 4/14/07

fantastic song. love how theres that essence of beach boys in the song, as there is in their other songs. but they are definitely their own. great melody. atmospheric background sounds. a definite must have band in any collection. great music in every sense. check them out if you already haven't, do yourself a favor. can't emphasize enough how good they actually are. love listening to them while on the beach surfing, in the car. inspiration into my music. THEY WILL TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER PLACE, A BETTER PLACE. CHECK EM!

Way Better Live | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/07

I went to their concert in Berlin, Germany and thay didn't play it during the concert and then people cheered for a good 5 minutes and they came back on with caring is creepy for the encore and it was the best moment ever. It was truly a garden state moment. If you haven't seen that movie you should, the shins are in it.

caring is not creepy anymore. | Reviewer: Nina B | 4/7/07

This song is absolutely amazing. Everything about The Shins' way of music moves me, and everything about the movie it was featured in, Garden State, is moving as well.

happy<3 | Reviewer: peacechild | 4/9/07

this song makes me so happy i feel like i should be in a flowery seventies dress and be walking through a field of folwers listeninig to this song

Song of the century | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/07

This song is unforgetable. After one play-through you will sing it in your mind forever! Everything about it is perfect; the music, the vocals and the metaphorical lyrics that mean everything and nothing at once.