DaveyjonesYAAAAR | Reviewer: Matt kneen | 8/25/09

I love this song so much, It's such a feel-good, calming meaningful song with cleverly thought out lyrics. And it is on the soundtrack or Garden State, which in my opinion is a brilliant movie, with a brilliant soundtrack. I recommend Let Go- Frou-Frou.

lost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

this song is incredibly sentimental for me, regarding a long lost love. i appreciate seeing that it has touched so many other people. i only hope that one day i can remind this one person of the significance our shared experience with this song has had in my life beyond our relationship. i find it now getting me through every bad moment of my life. thank goodness for it, and for the shins! portland forever in the heart!!

SEES | Reviewer: butternutsquash | 5/18/09

I'm in love and it's the newest and scariest concept that has ever crossed my mind. This song brings me down to reality that every person is different. and to really love is to be able to say that I love you and I know that you're not perfect no one really is and I love you for it. this song makes me want to stay up until the street lights have no say... i love you!!!!

your all right | Reviewer: Sofie | 4/2/09

i think all these meanings for the song are true. every person connects with this in thier own way. thats kinda why good music is good, because it is appealing to more than one way of thinking. stop trying to prove your point. the only people that know the real true reasong the song was created are James ,Dave ,Marty ,and Jesse themseleves.

A Feeling | Reviewer: Audrey | 2/25/09

This song and album alike are equally amazing. The sound is almost euphoric, and whenever I hear this song in particular, I am simply stunned. It gives me this really deep, and weird feeling, you know? It just makes me kind of want to go do something out of the norm.

First time I heard this song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

it awoke me from a content slumber i had experienced after a night of heavy drinking and ending up in a bed of a girl i loved, but would never love me back. that's the way it'd always be and the years and alcohol never solved that problem and while my heart seems to have moved on, this song brings back that thought of that time and it'll stick with me forever.

to me, this song's about... | Reviewer: kevin | 11/14/08

a painfully honest attitude towards life both cynical and hopeful, accepting of its painful contradictions and bittersweet moments. but also refusing to give up hope and thus keep trying to pursue love, despite being brutally honest with oneself when the relationship has completely failed. its like when you really like a person and you hope you guys are gonna be friends or something more, but deep inside you have this feeling of doomed failure because nothing in this world seems to really ever meet your expectations. and when that dream is really shattered you can barely take the pain, but you kind of knew and feared it all along: "i think i'll go home and mull this over, before i cram it down my throat."

you accept the ways you set yourself up for disappointment by always hoping for so much. you face the pain of reality. you don't pretend.

not about apathy | Reviewer: smackpixi | 12/22/07

first, just to annoy someone, i'll say i discovered the shins when i heard new slang in a mcdonald's commercial. however, you can be cooler than all your friends and know about great music before it's in movies or commercials by going to kexp.org and listening to any show hosted by john richards.

as for the lyrics, which, interestingly, no one's really addressed. not even remotely about apathy, about the opposite of it. scarcastic, yes, apathetic, no. the singer is furious.

verse one: angry about something someone said, now seeing through their bs.

verse two: slide show blowing off steam

verse three: i've fooled myself into loving you, i'm still angry but i love you, our relationship is a mess, thrills me though

verse four: you'll smile and pretend it's ok ignoring my feelings. i'll stick with you and suffer.

and "this is way beyond my remote concern..." goes toward the title. singer has been affected by someone, mostly just wants to smoke cigarettes and make fun of people, but was touched, does care, and it's weird. creepy even.

the shins | Reviewer: Ryan | 11/22/07

The Shins, just recently started listening to them, always was a tragically hip fan through and through, and ben harper and pearl jam, but the shins, have definately caught me in a firm hold and are not letting go, just amazing, is all i can say, purely amazing

it makes sense | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

i heard of this song through someone i like. sadly stuff between us is just really bad but this song i think sums up his state of mind pretty well. and the title says it all. awesome song