3 month old loves her shins | Reviewer: Kristin | 10/17/07

Well, my 3 month old daughter (who just discovered she has shins herself) loves to listen to the shins when we're driving around town. In fact, it's about the only thing that will get her to quiet down when she's fussing and I can't reach the pacifier to plug her up. . .

If a kiddo can have taste at such an early age, then she's destined to earn her PhD, and the shins really are on to something: a classically good sound that sticks to your ribs.

amazing | Reviewer: amelia | 10/17/07

I love this song. It is amamzing. the lyrics are awesome. They are really poetic. I love the shins.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/07

I can't analyze every lyric line by line. However, i think i can get a pretty good understanding of the song. Just look at the title.I think what James Mercer is trying to say is that he's really apathetic and he doesn't really know why he doesn't feel. and if you pay attention to Garden State, the character zach braff plays is really apathetic because of all the medication he's on and he doesn't really feel things. If you look at the line "I never got cold wearing nothing in the snow" it has a metaphorical meaning exactly for this. when in the snow. and wearing nothing you should be cold. but he says he doesn't. and i think he's talking about how when he should feel vulnerable and should care about things he really doesn't. and he's just really indifferent to the things going on around him.

oi | Reviewer: ant | 9/20/07

why is it a bad thing that people like the song because they heard it off a film? You gotta start somewhere. get off your high-horse, just because you heard them by looking on the internet or through a friend doesn't make you any better. i hate when people think they like a band more because they heard of them first. its music and if it sounds good then you should be allowed to listen to it without fear of bein scrutinised. i heard this band through a friend, who heard it from garden state. look how much that films done for the band - i bet they're not complaining. end of rant.

Classic | Reviewer: Rex Gotto | 9/18/07

This song is a prime example of my frustration with great bands like the Shis. Not that the music is the problem, but theone thing that annoys me is how short these great songs are. The should go Pink Floyd style and make 12-minute versions of these songs...

BTW, "Garden State" is a great movie written and directed by Zach Braff and it features on it's fabulous soundtrack this song and New Slang by the Shins aswell

The Shins rock!!! | Reviewer: Manuel | 8/17/07

What the hell is Garden State?
I love the Shins because their deep, ageless, awesome songs.

This song is great, by the way.

...It was truly a garden state moment... Huh. | Reviewer: Cory | 8/6/07

There really is much, much more to this band than their presence in Garden State. Honestly... Mentioning Garden State really just makes it seem like that's the only way you've heard them. Branch out. Hell, buy their albums, even!


Daniel is Creepy | Reviewer: daniel is creepy | 7/26/07

in answer to the "what does this song actually mean ive been hearing a lot" lol. it actually drove me mad for ages that i couldnt understand the WORDS to the song...let alone their meaning (hense why im hear) looking though its so random, guess it means whatever you want it to :) for me it sounds like it means a breakup with some1 you truely loved and getting over it...thats my guess :P

myspace.com/daniel_reece .feel free!

LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Cici W | 6/30/07

this song is indeed one of the Shins best. All of their songs are some of the best I have ever heard.

. | Reviewer: lobsta | 6/4/07

i f***ing luv dis song afta hearin iton da film garden state wich is actly qite a gud song. but dis song is awsome!!!! i luv it!!! XXXXX