LIES AND HATE PERJURE THE UNIVERSE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/11

for Bagdad Brendan, I was in combat 2 x and I never think about it, You cant hold onto that shit, if you can use your mind to make sense of your world etc as you put it then you can let it go, its just like a 100 lb bag of gravel we carry, all we have to do is just set it down, but why most choose to carry it, is for their purpose. Dont get hung up on the things you wanted to do or accomplish or maybe failed at, because there is only one thing that you have any control over in the world, we have lots of choices, but we control whether we are good or whether we are negative, evil whatever. go do good for you, and remember liars perjures the universe, till the worst is applauded as the best and the best is kicked in the gutter and spit on.

Perfection is a Song, This One, to be Exact. | Reviewer: Domo | 1/26/11

This song... it's beautiful. Because it's both happy and tinged with sadness, and the lyrics read like some sort of beat zombie poet philosopher's dream log.
This song may be one of the only perfect songs in existence.

In response to the idea of reference to plato | Reviewer: Joshua | 12/13/10

I found myself contemplating the title of this album as a reference to Nietzche's quote "inverted world". While pondering this idea I listened to caring is creepy and found this question on its connectedness to Plato. For any of you who know Nietzche, you might recognize the connection between these two philosophical figure and relate to this song as a description of Nietzches "inverted world" (Part 3 section 14 of Genealogy of Morals). I do not think these references are merely coincidence.

Philosophy | Reviewer: Rubberband | 9/13/10

I've been playing around with the idea that the Shins are referencing Plato in their line "Far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason." For Plato, there are these ideal forms of virtues in a cloud somewhere above our heads (not literally) and everything we see in our own world is a reflection of these ideal forms.
Then later on, his reference to 'building nothing, laying bricks' reminds me of Descartes. Descartes is the one who said "I think, therefore I am." He spent his whole life ridding himself of his opinions and trying to find certainty. He concluded eventually that he could be certain that he exists since he is a thinking thing. That was his 'foundation.' So his plan was to build his entire philosophy off of that one certainty.
All of this study of Philosophy and uncertainty that I've been struggling with at university makes me hold this song very dear. I find particular comfort in the line "Never betray the way you've always known it is" because philosophy has a way of muddying up the things you already think you know. In a way that is a good thing, but as one of my professors says, philosophy can be dangerous because you can argue yourself into believing very many things.
I identify with the line "One day I'll be wondering how I got so old just wondering how" because I begin to feel the weight of constant doubt. But with my studies of Descartes I have actually become less doubtful. You can't doubt everything all at once, but that certainly does not mean you should give up on trying to understand how to live a good life.

Oh, Inverted World | Reviewer: Caleb | 7/11/10

I like The Shins because they have a beat that creates lust and then appetizes that lust with lyrics that insinuate love and happiness, positivity, hope, courage, warmth, intelligence, beauty, fullfilment...etc, while still keeping in mind the problems of the world.

Baghdad 2006 | Reviewer: Brendan | 5/16/10

This song reminds me of when I was in Baghdad in 2006. I would listen to it endlessly trying to make sense of my world at the time. Listening to the song now, after a few years, I still recall the smell of my room and the air conditioner, as well as the heat and wind outside. The brain can play dirty tricks on you sometimes, forcing you to remember things you don't want to...

Are our loves worth the pain? | Reviewer: ManNameDan | 4/11/10

Losing sucks!!!
But I'm glad she broke my heart...instead of me breaking hers, again.

But to live without regret is something wrong- and also kind of a language barrier to those with these proud,tear-stained scars.

This song reminds me of these things and makes me feel more than I really want to -
because I gave it to her (along with some Tegan & Sara) the long year we first parted (after 9 great yet bumpy) because I wanted her to feel too,
I know she always will but just not enough- which is kinda worse in a way, than not at all .... Nothing in life is more complex than love -
what else in life can change the color of your memories?

((Wow! this song makes someone cheerful, and skip around in dresses!- We are truly of many different experiences))

Also if you want a great strange song/poem | Reviewer: AmanNamedDan | 4/11/10

Retrovirtigo by MR Bungle is one of the few that to me,

is in a class of song such as "Caring Is Creepy", where the poetic beauty of the lyrics are "haunted" by the ethereal melody so it becomes an experience, something more than just mere music.

like a challenge that you to be more than just a listener but that u make an attempt to understand and connect with your own feelings

The Shins | Reviewer: MiMi | 2/22/10

Garden State turned me onto them (the greatest movie!) and I haven't bee disappointed by them yet. Their sound is distinctive and unique. Their lyrics force you to think and ponder. They are true musicians in a world of media fluffed copycats.

what to say... | Reviewer: Aran | 11/23/09

I absolutely love the shins to hell and back. I believe, contrary to they're young age they've got life all summed up. Not that age means ANYTHING at all... The Shins are the best band of all time.

This song I stole off someone's myspace, I'm a music junkie and fell in love with it instantly.
I can tell you it's taken me days if not weeks to 'get-into' a song or album... this was love at first site lol

I wish more than anything, that I could find and thank the person I got this from. Sadly I've tried and it was just far too long ago.

This song forever remains my first contact with The Shins.