RE: "what?" | Reviewer: matty | 8/3/07

This song is not about "feeling empty inside and ultimately killing yourself..."

You should acqire a more comprehensive grasp on language yourself before attempting to educate the rest of the world.

the shins | Reviewer: sexy_sexo_sexa | 7/19/07


australia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/07

FYI Neil Finn is from New Zealand.
I love the Shins and this song, but what with the title? It (hopefully) has nothing to do with OZ at all, but hey song titles need not be literal.

hello.. | Reviewer: Luka Ivkovich | 7/6/07

hello everyone,i come from serbia and i just wan't to tell that in serbia are a lot of shin's fans.when i first time heard "new slang" it became one of my favourite songs...and then i heard "caring is creepy","girl inform me","the celibate life","know your onion!"...the lyrics of all songs are great,inteligance,and there not repeating themself.australia is one of the best songs,by the shins,lyrics,and everything,and i especially like the end of the song,when they say:"so give me your hand,and let's jump out the window...ciao :) sorry if my english wasn't perfect

dare to be one | Reviewer: mary eden | 7/5/07

yah, i noticed as soon as i'd sat through an entire song that the writing was defnitely something worth looking into. if there weren't music to their lyrics, i'd buy the book- no thought. however, the music is just as interesting, well put, intelligent and compelling as the words are- win, win, win, win, on.

"keep your wick in the air and your feet in the fetters."

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

whoever called them the chins, i dont know what to say. stupid.

but i love the shins, best band ever




Wow | Reviewer: Angie | 6/17/07

The video's simplicity and child-like humor and point of view just made me want to cry.
The song is poignant, and the melodies are perfect.
I'd never heard the Shins' music (well, not concsiously) prior to this song, and I'm glad this served as my introduction.

What? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/07

How can people say that this song is bright and uplifting? It's about feeling empty inside and ultimately killing yourself...

interesting song | Reviewer: miranda | 6/8/07

i heard this song before i knew the title

kind of surprised me that it was named after my fab country

i dont get the lyrics but hey i love the shins and i love this song!!
caring is creepy is still my no.1 shins song

Probably the best song from The Shins | Reviewer: Bri | 6/4/07

I love The Shins and this is definitely one of their best songs. It just makes you feel so fun. If anyone reading this hasn't heard it yet I suggest you do it now. It's a bit addicting.

amazing | Reviewer: Brigs | 5/26/07

can't get this song out of my head! i'm completely in love with it! and most of their other songs but especially this one. you'll always catch me singing it when i'm at work. ha

Sounds like... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

Does anyone notice the similarity in sound to Crowed House? Neil Finn and his band are from Australia... could this be a tribute?

If you like this song, check out Crowded House's first album.

more then meets the eye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

not wanting to be the wanky music guy, but the thing i actually love most about this song is in my perception of what the lyrics mean. I wondered for ages why the song may have been called Australia, and until i heard a james mercer interview I couldnt figure it out.
As we all know James Mercer is pure indie and genius and maybe the hottest guy ever. With his genius naturally he wouldnt be able to simply look at an everyday situation and accept it for exactly what it is, he questions everything. This is both a gift and a burden to him, which he explains in this song.
He is out and about in Australia and no doubt pondering some of lifes most obscure details, his eyes fall upon a girl. This girl isn't particularly gorgeous, or doing anything out of the ordinary, she is simply dancing...she is listening to the music and without a care in the world just dancing blindly to this music. "You'd be damned to be one of us, girl", james mercer thinks. how much would you want to not give a shit about anything?

Brickowski | Reviewer: Brickowski | 5/6/07

Excellent song from an excellent band.

I believe the song's called Australia because it was written while they were on tour out here, even though the lyrics have nothing to do with it.

They are coming back in June and I can't wait to get out and see them, they always put on such a great show.