Autralia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

I've just discovered The Shins and I can't get enough of them, specially Australia... It's so greaaaaaat!

Whoa... | Reviewer: Conspiracy Unit | 4/30/07

I first discovered the Shins after renting Garden State... bloody hell. A great movie, and an awesome band. Especially this song... it's lyrics twist and turn, and meanings are numerous, but still hard to draw. Probably the only band I actually like...

i love the shins | Reviewer: Rochelle | 4/24/07

I'm in love with this song <3 i can't even count how many times i've listened to it now. I actually first heard it on myspace/theshins, the video is absolutely adorable and made me love the song even more, so if you haven't seen it i highly recommend you go check it out :) i think it's also on youtube if you don't have myspace but i gaurantee you will fall in fall in love with it too!

i loveeee australia | Reviewer: Kiks <33333333 | 4/10/07

i have loved the chins for a super long time and then i discovered this vintage song. i now all of the words, of coarse. i told all of my girlies about the chins and now they LOVE them. LOL!

makes you h a p p y ! | Reviewer: demi | 4/7/07

such an awesome feel-good song .. lifts up my spirits every time i listen to it and its so much fun to sing along to!
so so good i love the shins [ new slang + a comet appears = :) ]

Lovely Conundrum | Reviewer: Rhonda R. | 3/24/07

An elegant, enigmatic and intelligent marriage of melody and lyrics, this song is another classic and catchy Shins tune. If you like upbeat rhythms infused with subtle and profound vocal melodic moments such as found in the twists and turns of phrase in "Turn a Square", " Know your Onion" and "One by One All Day" (other Shins offerings), you will love this song by the end of the first bar. If you also like the intelligent, poignant and lilting lyrics of Mercer's melancholy vocal waltz in such tunes as "New Slang" "Girl Inform Me" and "Pink Bullets", the song "Australia" will continue to grow on you the more you listen.

Listening to Australia is the aural equivalent of slamming back a mouthful of Poprocks™ followed by some cool refreshing lemonade.

Great song! | Reviewer: Mark | 3/5/07

I've been listening to this song for quite some time now when I discovered "The shins" a few months ago and all I can say is that It makes you feel like in Australia. Although I can barely remember the place, this song brings a lot of colorful memories... Want to be there soon. haaay....

love them | Reviewer: UCDgirl | 3/2/07

love them. love the song. love it. I was driving through Tahoe on a sunny day a couple weeks back with this song playing and I got in the best mood. Very uplifting song

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/07

This song is so uplifting for some reason. I love the banjo in it, and eargoggles are always a plus.

umm | Reviewer: lucy | 2/25/07

its a great song! i love it! but why is it called australia?

AWWW!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/07

awww I love this ong! It's o cute.. is it something like Durch/nazis... I dunno ut it's super, not my usual stuff but WOW!

zomg | Reviewer: mark o | 2/22/07

been listening to these guys for 3 days in a row now.. can't stop.. it's kinda like crack but better.. <3