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Performed by The Roots

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sneaking a new style in on the music industry | Reviewer: Brian | 7/1/12

I think this is about song genres and the music industry. Here is my guess:

They are sneaking an out of genre song in under the music industry radar. This song. And saying in the song that's what they are doing, with sex/plant/religious metaphors. Clever irony.

"Mary", his lover, is the music industry - all about money, controlling artistic freedom, and popularity. Black Thought, in the "knocked up" opening is talking about the industry releasing this song without really knowing what it's about or being able to control it. He talks about the genres/styles the industry wants, based on money. He is going to show the industry what's next. Them working together, getting a little artistic freedom is enough, and getting popular.

2nd Rap is a Black Thought more typical rap lyrics self-promotion verse.

Cody is talking about not whining or begging about the industry control and money. And he is sneaking one in on them. All the seed and baby metaphors are about starting this new style, and watching it grow, without the industry knowing it's happening, against their will. And it will work because they have style and secret cleverness. They'll be remembered for it. And they'll name it Rock'N'Roll.

the seed as a metaphor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/12

I'm interpreting the seed 2.0 as a metaphor where cheating on his true love (hip hop) and planting his seed ( his legacy ) in this adulterous relationship with women Mary reflects the synthesis of various musical genres expanding from hip hop with neo soul funk...etc and rock'n roll....he expresses "she wants neo soul hip hop is old she don't want no rock'n roll" she (the song)is not limited with stereo types that box in rap and rock though the song unquestioningly contains both genres...expressing the desire to make a lot of money with song is consistent with the idea of reaching a broader listening audience...reaching out to an audience beyond hip hop...his first love...If you put a gun to his head he might call it rock'n roll but its his musical skill in combining a number of different disciplines that makes this song so raw and makes his legacy-the lyrics to the seed 2.0 are strong when viewed with the light of whats going on musically with the track.

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