Reviews for Something Better (Marianne Faithfull) Lyrics

------Performed by The Rolling Stones | 05/03/2006 12:00:00 PM

Something better?

Knowing your own limits seldom does not pay off. When you know what you can do, ergo, you know what you cannot do. This song in the version of the RSCircus is great because the song is great, and MF makes the best of it with her limited volume but with her singing with an attitude than someone has adequately qualified as "velvet." Or fur if one takes into account the Redlands frame up. You don´t kave to be Aretha or la Callas, it is enough to have the knowledge of what songs is and was yours from the beginning. Keith is a great example with some of his low, bluey, songs that have been equivocally qualifed as ballads.
To sum up: It is more than worth hearing, MF´s version with the Stones´music arrangement is a must-pleasure! (Including Charlie Watts´introduction in a voice that either trembles of desire or lacked the most faithful sound equipment--it is a real possibility.

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