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Performed by The Rolling Stones

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Christians misinterpret the song because they don't read the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/10

Jeebus H. Christmas ...

The song doesn't glorify the Devil. Throughout the lyrics, the narrator asks the question, "What is my name?", dozens of times, goading you into guessing. The song intends to lead you to a specific conclusion. After listing a bunch of human atrocities, you are supposed to conclude that the Devil is humanity. Look for the line that reads:

"I'll tell you one time ..."

Because that's truly the one time in the song that the the question is ever answered. The answer?

"You are to blame."

It's Pro-Religious Teachings!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

How can these bible-belt lunatics be so daft. I'm a Christian myself, and this song is certainly not glorifying Satan, if anything, it's ridiculing him, and is pro-religion and pro-God as it shows that Satan is the one committing and influencing all the evil acts in the world, which is what the Bible teaches, you brainless simpletons.

For a start it shows how he 'steals peoples faith' and committed these atrocities with the help of the weak willed and evil, it says basically that if you don't have sympathy for him, as if you're bad he'll 'lay your soul to waste'.

Wake up people, it should be a song the Church condones.

one of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

lyrics are confusion of good vs evil, of appearance & reality. devil may appear to be a gentleman "a man of wealth & taste". polite, member of good society. alongside this we have some atrocities of human history. christ on the cross, the kennedy assassination, russian revolution. jagger could be using the devil as a symbol, of how evil works in the world and we need to be on our guard.

Sympathy for devil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/10

this song has nothing to do with the devil that we imagine, it's a metaphor for the devil inside us, that why it describes things humans have done in the past, if you meet him have taste because if you don't check yourself you'll come up with the same crap that empowered the world wars and the other things stated in this song, it isn't derived from Satan. It's about just using Satan as a scapegoat for our problems.

Symphony for the devil | Reviewer: Gino | 1/2/10

It's the history of the world, the Stone's magnum opus dedicated to generals and popes, who think the song is about some devil way down in hell . They should have some empathy for the poet laureates of our time, and be grateful that someone is trying to save their souls by pointing out to them that they're in need of some restraint. By the way, my son who was seventeen at the time and a hip hop fan, said 'it's the greatest guitar solo in the history of music.' There's no arguing with the wicked best.

Yes REALLY | Reviewer: Jon | 12/11/09

There's nothing wrong with a song like Sympathy for the Devil. Like most pieces of music its ued to express the writers thoughts abd ideas on certain subjects. This song is spawned directly from the Rolling Stones study on Satanism. Not to mention the fact that next to no one thinks like this. I am more than sure that listening to a song like this is just as fair as listening to a song like Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum. People should be more open to different kinds of ideas. If anything you're the one being decieved.

for last | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/09

people interpretating this song literally are idiots
this song doesnt glorify Satan you dumb bastards
its a satiric for all the people that live as they please
and all the evil Satan represents
holy sht
dont you people ever think pmore deeply

come on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/09

The real meaning of the lyric is that MAN is the Evil. "And after all it was you and me". Mick is talking like he is Satan but is describing everything man did. He's not actually gloryfing satan, stop saying that lol

Yes, really. | Reviewer: Luci Fire | 12/11/09

An anonymous reviewer wrote:

"... cant believe how so many thousands of ppl love this song. the rolling stones are glorifying and giving honor to satan!"

You need to read the lyrics and listen to the song again, with fresh eyes and ears. The Stones wrote the song from the "point of view" of Satan, using a literary device called "the imagination."

The song holds up a mirror to the world, and argues that many of the seminal and world-changing events of the historical record were motivated by "evil," by the lust for power and wealth. By singing in the character of Satan, the message is made more immediate and powerful.

To assume that the Stones themselves are in favor of such abuse of mankind by the wealthy and privileged is to completely miss the point, and to assume that the Stones support the very things they are trying to call to your attention.

They are not "giving honor to Satan." They are trying to show you who is in charge, and why most of us are suckers. They want you to wake up and question authority. They hope that you understand this when they use the literary device of the character of Satan taking credit for actual historical events.

They are creative - they use literary devices, story-telling techniques, and vivid imagery of actual historical events to impress their messages upon the listener.

And yes, they do it with a stone-cold groove and one of the tastiest electric guitar solos known to man.

really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/09

i cant believe how so many thousands of ppl love this song. the rolling stones are glorifying and giving honor to satan! have we as a people been that decieved? that good is lame and evil is glorious?! yet its truth, one of the lasts lines -I tell you. . you're to blame- we are to blame for allowing satan to have such a stronghold in our live and in this world. yet we LOVE things like this and will even consider SYMPATHY for the master of deceptiong?! decieving, he is!

my truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/09

For me, this song is a validation (and maybe, for some) an admonishment of the reality that evil Exists (aka: Lucifer)... And it is an opportunity to learn or try to learn to discern our own choices in life...

Silly ol' paw-paw an' mee-maw | Reviewer: Criminy | 10/22/07

A stunning performance, even Mick manages not to come off as silly or pretentious. One of the hundred best lead tracks in the history of the long player. Imagine this guy actually scared Baptists with this hooey! Boy, did our grandparents act silly.

rock n roll | Reviewer: brent | 5/18/07

the absolute definition of rock n roll. bad boys at a time it meant something to be bad boys. and when rock n roll was still looked down upon with a short shelf life.

Wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/06

This song is absolutely stunning. How can you not love it? The new N.E.R.D remix video really gives off the meaning of this song, it makes me smile every time I hear it.
Hah, so tell me, baby, what's my name?

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