Bach's Influence | Reviewer: DarĂ­o | 9/27/12

Each time I listen to this song, I can feel the influence o the classical German composer J. S. Bach. Especially, it reminds me of his fugues.I hope I am right about this. But I am open to any criticism.

Similiarity | Reviewer: Warrens Wi | 8/11/12

I think the reason for the slightly bizarre etherial
sameness between the Stones and Beatles, is owing to
the drug culture, and to put it kindly, the mind blowing
effects of the illicit chemicals that generation was

worlds gteatest | Reviewer: Rebecca | 4/22/12

I want to be like a Rainbow! What a perfect place the world would be if we were all like rainbows! Singing and dancing thru the streets! Streetsshakin maracas! Mandy I dream of insanity

justlistentothemusic | Reviewer: kay | 2/5/12

Honestly don't know when anything was released, don't care either I listen to music and from both the Beatles and thhe rolling stones they both influenced each other. changed the music industry but I don't hear any similarities being that strawberry fields forever was my lullaby growwing up and she's Like a rainbow is my daughters I have never noticed similarities in either artists work during that time frame ... then again I think that's the point to just hear the music
... that's all either group was really aiming for

Awsome Memories | Reviewer: Dakota X | 12/1/11

This song brings back so many awesome memories from my childhood it dusnt matter who ripped off who. Anyhow artists inspire eachother around the globe til this day and often do copy versions of eachothes work. Afterall its the sincerest form of flattery. I also believe in a global consciousness that influences artists of the same era to have similar ideas. All that aside i love the instrumentation on this track. I love the piano solo (for lack of a better word) and the percussion. A truely bohemian sounding piece of music. Its sooo flower power. Hippy Rocks!

stones/beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/09

just because it wasn't released yet doesn't mean they couldn't hear eachother's music. it's obvious the stones borrowed from the beatles. its not like they sat around and as a band decided to rip off something specific from the beatles. the beatles were influenced by plenty of artists and your influences leak through your music. the stones obviously were influenced by the beatles, and visa versa.

It's very simple | Reviewer: Mark Johnson | 8/15/09

it's not about the date "She's A Rainbow" was recorded. These are not baseball game stats here. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles were always being influenced by each other. "I Wann' Be Your Man" a Lennon/McCartney composition was one of the Stone's first singles. The entire background harmony of "She's A Rainbow" is totally Beatle influenced but not to any fault whatsoever. The bar was raised by The Stones not lowered by producing this track. And so on and so forth...........

ted is the douche | Reviewer: Daytripper | 3/10/09

Penny Lane was released in February 1967, months before She's a Rainbow. Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields were the beginning of Sgt. Pepper and I'm sure these records did influence the Stones to try new sounds and go new directions just like those cool Beatles were doing. I love this song.

Criminy is a douche | Reviewer: Ted | 1/21/09

I think it's hilarious when someone the world has never heard of would deign to criticize Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. I got news for you douche, She's a Rainbow was recorded in May 1967. Sgt. Pepper was released in June '67, so it would have been pretty difficult for them to be ripping off a record they hadn't heard yet.

The distant forerunner of ELO? | Reviewer: Criminy | 10/22/07

Another bad Sgt Pepper/Penny Lane rip-off by Messrs Jagger/Richards, may have inspired Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood to invent Electric Light Orchestra