Just a guess. | Reviewer: Call me Ishmael | 2/11/13

Didn't I hear somewhere that Jagger and Richard wrote this song after the death of bandmember Brian Jones? Also, the movie "Performance" contained a sort of heavy-handed visual pun: in Jagger's first scene, he is shown spray-painting a room black. At least that's how I remember it; memory is notoriously unreliable, especially after a thousand acid trips and a billion joints. And now look at me: I'm CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation!

Paint It Black | Reviewer: Eikluram | 8/5/11

I remember this song from years ago.I wasn't old enough in the 60's But I think I first heard it by The Animals at the Monterey Pop Festival.
I was just thinking of it today and was looking for the lyrics which led me to here.It seems obvious to me that this is about someone who is feeling depressed and beauty is something they fear or feel uncomfortable with because it is not the same as their perception, so they want to paint things black and look away because they are not compatible with the light today.It's like being afraid of being happy.It's a very good song that a lot of people can relate to.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/10

People, get over yourselves. People have a right to what they like about a song, whether it be a cover or not. Covers aren't done to try to compete with the original song, they're made in tribute to the original song. And to the person who said something about MCR, they're aren't even emo (they're highly overrated anyway). And besides, Jimmy Eat World and Pinkerton were "emo" long before MCR was even a band (Clarity and Pinkerton, respectively). Emo just means emotional music, not all of this dark, gothic cutting bullshit portrayed by the media.

Terrible Lyrics | Reviewer: Mike | 6/11/10

How long has this song been around and you STILL get it wrong? Tainted black? Honestly... cant you hear that "P". Not to mention the improper spelling of "colour" British band, British spelling. Get it right!

What's an emo?? | Reviewer: Mary | 5/3/10

I have no idea what any of you are talking about. Yes, the song is dark. There are many, many interpretations of the song's meaning. We will only know what the song id ACTUALLY referring to if we ask one of the guys. ( LOVE to get that interview) However, this is some of their best work musically and lyrically, in my opinion. Remember when they used this song for the opener to the series, 'China Beach? Video games don't have a new market on 'revivng' songs.

born before my time | Reviewer: your hi-ness | 3/18/10

this song is the a baby maker. im pretty younge but older music has always been my thing. the rolling stones is a classic. i grw up with this shit. makes me wish i was born earlier but to be alive to hear this song when it came out id be older then my parents. wouldnt that be a great run in .hi im your daughter

! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/10

wat a f*cken great song hands down 1 of the best songs out there! the sad part is most young ppl 2day heard this off gh(im young 2 but i heard it goin thru my dads music not F`N gh lol), man i wish i was born bak wen this song 1st came out so i could see the 1st time it was played in concert

the song | Reviewer: z | 11/29/09

I'm sick and tired of listening to this on GH3. to me the only real game to listen to this song in is Twisted Metal: Black, but aside from the gaming world this is actually quite an excellent and moving song. it deserves two thumbs up and 5 stars

Lyrics wrong on every site....... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/09

I rather agree with Anonymous | 2/16/08. The title of the song is Paint it black. But according to these lyrics the actual words "paint it black" are not in the song. I know the title doesn't have to be in the song but still..........

Dumb | Reviewer: Turd Ferguson | 9/29/09

Song rules. I'm sure no one in the 60's, 70's, 80' or 90's called this emo. MCR isn't emo either, neither are any of the other bands you probably call emo. Hair swoops and tight pants aren't emo either.It came from the punk/hardcore scene in the mid 80's and 90's. Listen to a band called Rites Of Spring or Portraits Of Past.

Lyrics correct on every site, you're just dumb. | Reviewer: April | 7/23/09

Anonymous 2/16/08, how's it feel to be wrong? Why would he be demanding such a thing? The other reviewer, Bryan, had it right - it's about losing someone, and he's asking. You're wrong. Try actually listening to the song more often.

As for discovering this song on GH3, Christ. It's not even the original. Do yourself a favor, go out and actually BUY Aftermath. Or even the Greatest Hits. Stop worrying over which f*cking video game soundtrack it appears on and get the whole damn album.

die | Reviewer: I like all rock | 6/21/09

ok this song is great and guitar hero 3 sucks i mean i play it own it even but i hate covers and i hate people who only like one song from each band they claim to listen to. as far as i know you're all idiots the actual track is on a game called conflict vietnam (not the shitty gh 3 cover) and if you're not a rolling stones fan you're dumb.

Reamkes | Reviewer: Jenny | 6/3/09

I find that remakes of all classics really just suck. If the song was originally a classic, then it was probably done right the first time, but there's always someone out there who thinks they can do it better. Screw them. There is only one Rolling Stones and one incredible version of "Paint It Black" And to people who claim MCR are the ones who got the "emo" thing started, you must not have heard "Paint It Black" As far as I'm concerned, THIS song was the earliest version of what people call "emo"

Very haunting many interps | Reviewer: Corey baker | 4/14/09

Anyone who say that any remake is better is not really listening i am guitar player and a piano player and you have to really listen to the music no remake by ANY band punk or metal is as good as this original. It is a very haunting song crazy as hell.

Gh3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/09

I hate that some people are saying that gh3 "revived" this song. It was great when the stones made it and still was before gh3 even came out. Just wanted to say that so that people don't raise gh and lower the stones!!!!!