Everyone is painting it black | Reviewer: Raven | 6/14/08

First of all, fantastic song.
Second: Has anyone noticed that every rock band that deserves the title of "rock band" has a song titled "Paint It Black", and copied the original lyrics partially or completlely? Okay, that's exaggerating it. But honestly, Google the title "Paint It Black" and you have ten, twenty pages of results. Yes, most of those are connnected with the Rolling Stones in one way or another... And the only reason I know this is because I attempted to find the lyrics for within Tmeptation's version. Essentially, though, WT copied the lyrics off of the Rolling Stones. There go about fifteen search attempts for nothing, ha-ha.

great song! | Reviewer: XxChrissiXx | 4/4/08

I heard my 24 year old brother first play this song on guitar hero 3 and i thought wow!! who sings this song when i found out it was the rolling stones as never being a fan of 1960 bands i was shocked! even though i no emo i love this song and normally end up dancing around singing it in my room when noones home =)

"The lyrics on every site are wrong" | Reviewer: Bryan | 3/9/08

Actually I am listing to the song right now and you are wrong. He is saying "And I want it painted black" He isn't demanding it be painted he is asking for it to because he can't bare the pain of a lost loved one.

Lyrics wrong on every site.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/08

Mick is saying... "I see a red door and I want it - (hyphen=afterthought) "PAINT IT BLACK!" Not painted black. The entire point of this song is that he is demanding someone to paint the things he desires BLACK. He tells them "PAINT IT BLACK!" Subtle, yet incredibly important.

Gem Stones | Reviewer: tuna | 2/17/08

A former reviewer said PIB was 25 years old. Would you believe more than 40?! 1966, if recollection serves. Brooding and enigmatic, it has always been one of my Stones favorites--right up there with Gimme Shelter and Jumpin' Jack Flash. By the way, that's the genius of Brian Jones on that Sitar. Someone may correct me on this, but I believe this was the first Sitar in rock, predating by more than a year George Harrison on that Rubber Soul song that escapes me at the moment...

Awesome! | Reviewer: Biron3000 | 2/15/08

I didn't really not like the Stones before I heard this song. I was sort of neutral until I hear this song. It's over 25 years old, and it still rocks! If I never played Guitar Hero III, I never would have heard this song.

Paint It Black | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

This is a fantastic song. Glad it was revived to a new generation by GHIII. Jonny Lang did an AWESOME cover of this song. Is it possible that a cover could be better than an original? Listen to his version and see.

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Yumi-chan | 1/23/08

i always play this song on Guitar Hero III. it's one of my absolute favorites. and i love that the game has the original version on it, and they didnt replace mick jagger with some crappy singer for it. ^_^ i also have this song on my iPod and i listen to it all the time during school.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Laura | 1/17/08

Having never been a Stones fan I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was a Stones song. It now is one of my most favourite songs ever, had it not been for my 15 yr old son I might have never discovered it at all

Expressing grief | Reviewer: anton | 11/7/07

This must be the best song ever to express grief after the death of a loved one. It is raw and angry and edgy -- and yet easy to sing along to! We can vicariously release our grief by singing such songs. One of the most brilliant Stones compositions, along with "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

assanine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

one time i lost a list of my favorite dog hair charts, that day i heard this song on the radio and i thought it fit my current emotions, but then i lit my garbage can on fire, using a marshmalow and a few plastic oranges, that day was a fun one...lemons are to sour for me

paint it black | Reviewer: william | 9/10/07

According to John Lennon, this is the best song of the 20th century... He knew what he was talking about. It is so simple and furious that it will shot you in the head

Paint it Black : A masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

One of my favorite Stones songs. I love the deceptively simple lyrics. The music is a perfect match.