N.E. Review: | Reviewer: Roy Marques [dop/csc] | 12/17/13

Brian Jones, slide guitar on 'No Expectations' stands this test of time. Sadly, he was taken away from us by misuse of the rock and roll lifestyle. Without proper medical support, lack of support from the stones, Brian was left to sink like a stone
underwater. RIP Brian Jones. :)

I like the song but Criminy is a idiot.... | Reviewer: John Barry | 7/10/13

Brian Jones was and is always talented, who gives you the fucking right to put down his personal problems and use it as a excuse instead of praising his musical talents for what it was even when he did drugs? And as for Mick, you're obviously wrong. Fucking idiot.

However I still like the song so. XD

criminy crap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/10

Criminy 10/22/07 has no clue. Correct on BJ's slideshow, Jagger's early talent with getting a message across hasn't changed much over the years, regardless of how I feel about the ways the messages change over the years. When you folks will realize that its the message in the song that really matters, while the music makes it more, or less, easier to get across. Keep coming.

Steve K (aka Travelin' Jones)

Re: The Last Time Jones Steals Jaggers Spotlight | Reviewer: adam | 8/2/10

Well thats why they didn't initially release the song but rather gave it to Marianne Faithful, it is clearly too sappy for the stones. I agree it would be fun as a sloppy slide guitar blues, but hey it was still a hit.

The Last Time Jones Steals Jaggers Spotlight | Reviewer: Criminy | 10/22/07

Considering what a wreck Brian Jones had become, it's amazing he could still produce some spine shivering bottleneck slide moments, like on this number and put Mick the toff to shame, even when he's playacting the oh, woe is me, I'm poor and my girl doesn't love me so I'm leaving town blues. They should have wiped Mick's vocal and played it as the haunting elegiac bottleneck blues to a generation coughing on drugs, blood, war and hypocrisy.