Double Wrong | Reviewer: Bailey | 1/7/08

It's called a 'Double Negative'.. and yes, it's a double negative. Why don't you tell the rolling stones how you feel about their double negative in their hit song? I'm sure they will appreciate it, they probably just never noticed.

Wrong | Reviewer: Katharine | 12/29/07

Sorry to tell you Elena, but the lyrics ARE "I CAN'T Get No Satisfaction." It says so on their CD, on iTunes, and almost everywhere else. Nobody said that rock had to have perfect grammar. In fact, you didn't even have proper grammar in your review. I suggest you do a little research before you correct something next time.

I CAN get no... | Reviewer: Elena | 10/21/07

its I CAN get no satisfaction
I CANT get no satisfaction is doble negation its not good english.
and thats not the name of the song!

wow | Reviewer: trsfan#1 | 6/30/07

the first time i heard this song, it was awesome! this is sincerely the best song by the rolling stones! ROCK ON...!