Lyrics | Reviewer: Andy | 8/3/13

I thought I was here to look for lyrics? These posts have been amusing. Most of these people, if they're on here looking should just go and search another song if they don't like the way this one is the words of Alexander Mearcat....."Simples"

The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury 2013 | Reviewer: Marjorie Kendall | 7/3/13

Wow Mick & co were great at Glastonbury, who else can rock like this at almost 70!
I came on here to check the lyrics though as I think they need updating, i,e. "telling me I can't be a man cause I never smoke the same cigarettes as him". This needs changing to something other than cigarettes!

i am satisfied !!!! | Reviewer: Yudi | 1/31/13

Hey guys!!! i really dont understand the all the fuss about this song and the english-american war...a true music lover doesnt care about the nationality of the artist...and well this song was perfect as it had the perfect music for a perfect non conventional idea...just like Bob Dylan's philosophical song "like a rolling stone" had the perfect music for a perfect lesson...and like The beatles' song "a day in the life" had the perfect setting for a psychedelic lets not judge these GODS OF MUSIC...i think i am very ordinary to do so

LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/12

This song is old and outdated. It needs a cover. Just like everyone bitching about it. Please use this site to review the song for those of us who actually care. Not to get into a fuedal debate about useless information.

Sorry, this ain't the best version, not even close | Reviewer: Todd | 12/3/11

The very best version of this song ever recorded was Otis Redding at the Montery Pop festival. All others pale in comparison....he leaves it all out there...In this case with this song he pretty much schooled Jagger. If your not familiar with it, it is well worth your while to listen to it. The entire album is fantastic, recorded live at te Montery Pop festival with Redding on one side and Jimi Hendrix on the other.

Really Elanor? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/10

"the British invasion rules! it was where the rules for rock & roll were written. this is one of the first song that had a rebellious attitude, and it ROCKS. "

If the british invasion was where the rules for rock and roll were written, then i must have missed something. Ever heard of Elvis Presley? Johnny Cash? Jerry Lee Lewis? Little Richard? Chuck Berry. They were around long before The British invasion. And before them you had people like Hank Williams and Fats Domino.

Im sorry this just bothered me. Now yall can start making fun of my grammar

Wow | Reviewer: Rocker | 7/18/10

In reviewing your comments I get the feeling that most of you were born after this song was written! It is an interesting "artistic" play of words. Right or wrong, double or ntihing, it wouldn't sound right any other way.

BTW, Jagger obtained seven O-levels and three A-levels and took business courses at the London School of Economics. A rocker with brains eh!

BRITISH INVASION RULES | Reviewer: elanor | 2/20/10

the British invasion rules! it was where the rules for rock & roll were written. this is one of the first song that had a rebellious attitude, and it ROCKS. i love this song. i'm listening to it right now. i love the guitar on it, and of course the lyrics.

ART | Reviewer: hottie | 11/1/09

Music is art. It is supposed to be enjoyed by those who are capable. It seems like some of these people don't have the equipment.

This is one of the best rock songs ever. These people are so clueless.

A Message to Everyone Who's Posted Here | Reviewer: Des | 10/4/09

Well, I came here to get the lyrics to this song to put them on my iPod, and I saw all these posts and just started cracking up. It's just that it's all so ironic.

I can only spot one person of everyone who's posted on this page who's used perfect grammar, and yet everyone is grammar-bashing! C'mon, people! The only person who actually used proper English in their post wasn't even grammar-bashing! They were correcting someone on the title of the song!

Everyone quit worrying about the grammar and enjoy the song! It's a kick-ass song by the Rolling Stones, and that's all that really matters. Who actually listens to the grammar of songs like that? Songs are meant to be enjoyed, not nit-picked about grammar.

I admit that I'm probably no better, posting about you all posting about grammar. I just felt the need to say something about how silly it all is.

Lastly, I wouldn't feel right posting without also mentioning how much I love this song. It's definitely one of my favorite songs by the Stones! =)

goddamn, what the fuck, people? | Reviewer: twoggleboo | 5/26/09

Are you twats seriously having a flamewar over one of the most seminal pieces of music in the modern rock and roll oeuvre? Because you failed to understand the intentionally bad english within it?

Don't you have better things to do with your time like jumping off bridges or something?

LAWL | Reviewer: Dumbshits | 1/2/09

First off, Elena is retarded. Seriously, fuckin' check your grammar before trying to correct someone elses. Jesus, go take a dick.
Next,Phoenix, come on bro. Your whole response to Elena was good, except you also made a gramatical error. "And thats not even touching the fact that your whole sentence is grammatically incorrect."
There should be an apostrophe between "that" and "s." Talk shit if you want, but you just pulled the same shit that Elena did. Go finger your ass hole.
But really, talk shit only if you can back it up by not being a fucking idiot.

Pease out mother fuckers

-did you see how i spelled peace? I thought it was only fitting, under the circumstances.

Ouch.... Is that what we like to call utter and complete "ownage?"

anyone even listen to the music? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/08

why are you all bitchin about the lyrics? who really cares..

"and a man comes on to tell me
how white my shirts can be.
Well he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke
the same cigarettes as me."

shut up and enjoy the music, otherwise write a letter addressed to the rolling stones, and tell them they made a mistake in their grammar. good luck.

Lol this is funniest thing I read all day, thx | Reviewer: Sims | 7/30/08

Yes bit of an error there, especially as your own sentence has more incorrect English grammar then the original Rolling Stones sentence.

This is the way with music and and Artists they are allowed to to these things.

Pink Floyd - The wall is another example 'We don't need no education' again a double negative.

One thing to remember this is music not an English class :)

.i CAN'T get no satisfaction. | Reviewer: -Phoenix- | 4/7/08

Okay firstly lets review your message Elena,

"its I CAN get no satisfaction
I CANT get no satisfaction is doble negation its not good english.
and thats not the name of the song!"

lets see, doble is spelled DOUBLE. I can't even red the next word, I presume you wanted to say NEGATIVE. Also 'its' and 'cant' have apostrophes-IT's, CAN'T. And thats not even touching the fact that your whole sentence is grammatically incorrect. But that is away from the point, I would like you to do something. Next time before you start an argument with someone please make sure you are aware of the facts.
So, if you would, go to google and type in '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction and you will find that that Is the correct tittle of the song.

Open your eyes, Read, Think before you type and Have a great day.