Get offa my cloud too! | Reviewer: Ziggy Zagetta | 8/25/14

Do you think that the protagonist in this song resents intrusions upon a drug-induced "cloud"? Or does "cloud" simply refer to his high-altitude vantage point (the 99th floor of a high-rise apartment building)? We may never know.
Either way, the song appeals to me because my autism induces me to prefer solitude, even though my job has me on stage in front of an audience. I just got back from performing this song in a hospital. The geriatric crowd went wild! They were all shouting back Hey! HEY!! You! YOU!! Get offa my cloud! with the same enthusiasm that you will find at any rock concert.
So remember what the Blues Brothers said: "Buy all the blues records that you can, because fifty years from now, they will be available only in the classical record section of your local library."

good job! | Reviewer: andge | 6/6/10

no one else seems to get the plual "flags" stuck on my the wind-screen. mostly accurate, though it's "in flies a guy who's all dressed up just like A union jack" (a british flag)(superman's blue cape, red tights). and doesn't the phone lyric use the phrase "hi-ho" in there somewhere. (a voice says hi-ho, hello how are you ...)