lean and mean and timely | Reviewer: wildhorsesrocks.com | 6/13/13

This is Richards as his lean and mean best, balls out old school crash and burn rock sound. It's Jagger putting his timeless commentary on today's society just like he did 45-50 years ago. It's simple and it's smart which has always been the Stones "one-two punch".

The Greatest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/13

Now you know why when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted the Rolling Stones in 1989, noting that "critical acclaim and popular consensus has accorded them the title of the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.”

are we bozos on this bus? | Reviewer: joy | 1/4/13

c'mon it's the stones! nuff said. i think the subject matter has less to do with lynard skynard than the 9-11, katrina events that got us into this fiscal mess. doom and gloom indeed. baby take a chance baby won't you dance with me. stop picking at our collective scabs and move. eccellant advice we can all use. thanks guys! i needed that.

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you | Reviewer: peter foreman | 11/23/12

these rolling stones definitely do not gather moss, they are infinitely the most prolific band that has ever be assemble in the history of rock and roll. I feel the words epitomizes what is going on in this world today. as always the stones never had any reservation about singing what is on their minds. As well as bringing truth to social conception. The stones have a very unique way through their talent as artist and entertaining icons,to make what seem very abstract very understanding and give to a person's it's own ideas and beliefs concerning something.

think it's great! | Reviewer: Andy Pratt | 11/21/12

Typical that a person who won't put his name on takes a pot shot. I doubt if Mick was thinking of the Lynyrd Skynyrd crash, which was indeed a horrible thing. I think it's more about the modern world, blessings to all, Andy Pratt

That's fucked up... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/12

I think it is crass that they released this song near the anniversary of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash. "That I was piloting a plane And all the passengers were drunk and insane I crash landed in a Louisiana swamp" Granted it happened in Mississippi, but I don't think the timing was appropriate.

50 and still holdin true............ | Reviewer: John A Brennan | 10/16/12

First time I saw the Stones was in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1964. Iwas 15 years old. Roy Orbison, The Walker Brothers and Lulu were on the bill also. Saw them in July 1969 in Hyde park, London.
Jagger personified, for me, what it means to stand up and just BE.It's wonderful to see them do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!

Still Rocking!!! | Reviewer: Biff_Rimshott | 10/15/12

The New Single "Doom and Gloom" by the Rolling Stones has All the Swagger of the Best Work of the 'Glimmer Twins' (Jagger & Richard) with Great Rock Riffs and Lots of Attitude in the Lyrics. This is a welcome addition to their 50 year Resume of Rock N' Roll! Listen for yourself and Have Fun!