saw you in concert | Reviewer: wren | 5/16/07

WOW bryce you are hott. my boyfriend is jealous it is funny. i saw you in concert. i took a picture with you and got your autograph. i LOVE you!!!!!!! i saw you on may 13, 2007 you opened for hellogoodbye. i went with hellogoodbye being my favorite band and i left with rocket summer beging my favorite band

ahhh!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/06

found them on the random online, and oh god bratpack is the BEST SONG IN THE FUCKING WORLD!!! love you soooo much!! xxxxxxxxx charlie farley

one word... | Reviewer: catherine | 7/17/06

AMAZING! i love this band. i listen to them all the time, and i get my friends to listen to them to. i will be forever grateful to my friend for introducing them to me. i dunno what i woul dhave done with out them

rocket summer is so awesome | Reviewer: keely | 3/23/06

im a new fan. i saw rocket summer as an opening band for relient k in tulsa. bryce is so gorgeous! and his music is so appealing. i hope they come to tulsa or okc soon cuz i will be there!

Heard them on M88 | Reviewer: Barbara | 3/1/06

The Rocket Summer music makes me feel happy, and there is not enough of that in the world right now. God Bless them, I hope they have a prosperous career.

:D | Reviewer: Emily | 11/6/04

The rocket summer, well what can you say. Bryce has proved himself to be an amazing musician, with rumours about the new album and the reviews about the previous the little guy's going far. He's most definatly a role model for any solo musician and anyone wishing to persue a solo career.

the rocket summer rock! | Reviewer: becky! | 10/17/04

The rocket summer rule! n the album is the best its so catchy! shame i live in england coz i wud Definitely love to see you guys!