Woah! | Reviewer: Naileen | 6/10/10

Amazing. Fantastic. Sensational. Dazzling. Awesome. Phenomenal. All of these words put together wouldn't even begin to describe how completely awesome Bryce is. His music puts a lot more life into my veins. :)(:

omg | Reviewer: Taylor | 4/2/09

honestly bryce is the most talented musician that i have ever heard. i went to his concert in october & i honestly fell in love with his music. I never get sick of any of his songs. and he made me want to pursue in music so much more than i did because of him & his love for it. he is amazing.

Faith. | Reviewer: Nicole | 11/8/08

Bryce Avary has given me everlasting inspiration. He has helped me create an amazing relationship with God. I have met his seven times, and each time he has been so nice and caring. His music sends shockwaves through me. Bryce Avary, you are extremely talented. Thank you for sharing your purpose with the world.

Bryce | Reviewer: Jenna | 8/5/08

I loooooooooove Bryce Avary! I think he would be a great friend to me and to everyone else! He is soooooooo talented for a one-man-band. I looooove his beautiful voice and music! I have never heard a voice like his!

I <3 Bryce Avary!!! | Reviewer: didi | 7/22/08

I<3 Bryce he is soOoO hoOot and hansome I want to be married with him!!!!!! I want to meet him, I think that he's so cute & sweet, he is the only guy that I love in the world and his musik ok!!!!! he's awesomeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! and the best singer in the Earth (my Bryce)

trs is love. | Reviewer: steph | 5/21/08

Bryce Avary is the most amazing person to walk this earth.
his music makes my heart swell with happiness. and i just want to sing at the top of my lungs and never be sad again.
it's not possible to describe in words how much he and therocketsummer mean to me.

i love trs | Reviewer: zoeeee | 12/15/07

your music and lyrics are amazing. i want to go to your concert so bad. dont forget how hott bryce is . dayyuumm . haha but his voice just makes him even hotter :D

bryce avary is so sweet, and i def got a pic with him | Reviewer: dani armbruster | 12/7/07

i love the rocket summer!... this band is kick ass and i listen to it 24/7. i introduced all of my friends to it and all of them love it too! <3

TRS-ONE WORD-AMAZING | Reviewer: Laura | 12/1/07

The Rocket Summer's music is soooo amazing.I can relate to like all of his songs. Bryce is such an awesome, down to Earth person. After shows, he'll stay after for his fans and I think that is so cool. The way I feel about hiim, it's so hard to put into words, I just love him. There is only one word to describe this band-AMAZING!

Bryce<3 | Reviewer: Alyssa | 12/1/07

Bryce, you are amazing. You hear that from everyone,I know. But you're music is all I listen to all day everyday, you're like my hero. I could'nt love anyones music more then I love yours, your show at the HOB in Dallas, on the sleeping with giants tour was amazing, i love you so much.