TRS | Reviewer: CKeT | 11/30/07

I love the piano/guitar mix, and especially his voice.. to my bag regret, he will probably never give concert in Russia))

Bryce this is gotta be the truth | Reviewer: Michelle | 9/28/07

bryce i am gunna be seriously serious w/u...c'mon u R amazing with talent and stuff. SOoo while i'm sittin here wishing i could watch u in person, it doesn't matter there are too many ladies on the mission. BUT u best just live ur life when ur done. c'mon dont be a hypocryte. U say this stuff...u'd best do it. I feel, i do

Bryce. | Reviewer: Caitlyn | 9/18/07

He is so AMAZING and talented. I'm hoping to see them in November at the Electric Factory. I wish I could meet him. I heard it's common for him to hang-out with his fans after shows.

I LOVE U | Reviewer: RanDee | 8/29/07

I luv the rocket summer!!!Bryce Avary is SOOOOOOO HOT he looks just like my friend Zack and he is so cute!!!

ROCKET SUMMER MADE ME FEEL | Reviewer: Jamie | 8/25/07

bryce is just awesome his lyrics are just so awesome they make me feel things i could never explain thatnkyou so much for bring music that makes me feel so awesome

omg ur awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anna | 8/14/07

im in love with the rocket summer even though i just started listening to in and now it's like the only thing i listen to cuz i love it soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE ITTTTT | Reviewer: Jennifer | 6/1/07

I just recently starting listening to the rocket summer and i fell in love with it. like seriously bryce avary TOTAL hottie. i love the music, cross my heart and never knew MY FAVORITES. The rocket summer is now my favorite. #1 on my list. I'm getting my friends into it tooo.

LOVE U! | Reviewer: lisa | 5/29/07

i am completely in love with the rocket summer bryce is soo talented and i love him!
im english and live in london so pleeassse come over here and tour!
i hav all the songs and i heard never knew 1st which was amaze! so is brat pack thats so you cross my heart..o gosh all of em!
brill. fab. amazing. love.

you rock Dude! | Reviewer: Dan | 5/25/07

Hello, my name is Dan, and ive come from Indonesia. I think Rocket Summers is briliant.

fhs loves you | Reviewer: fhs | 5/23/07

clayton went to my highschool and even though he graduated a few years before me he was such a sic kid he is so cool, down to earth and suchhhh a hottie we all love him and hope he is so successful in the future we hope for the best! love you clayton